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Couple take extremely petty revenge on Airbnb host by leaving taps running and gas on for 25 days

Couple take extremely petty revenge on Airbnb host by leaving taps running and gas on for 25 days

They racked up huge utility bills and wasted massive amounts of resources during their stay

A couple took 'revenge' on their Airbnb host by leaving the taps running and the gas on for their entire 25-day stay, racking up huge utility bills.

The Airbnb host was left with a massive 840,000 won (£1,260) bill after the couple decided to leave the gas and water appliances running.

Their host said that the couple had attempted to cancel their booking three days prior by claiming they had caught COVID-19.

When asked for proof, the guests then said they would go ahead with their reservation.

The pair, who had booked a 25-day trip to a villa in Seoul, South Korea, had travelled from China.

Problems also arose over apparent confusion over the location of the villa after they had booked it.

The property is actually in the suburbs of the capital, rather than the city centre.

The pair had tried to cancel their stay.
When the couple realised their mistake, however, their almost month-long stay had already been paid in full, reports SBS.

But while most guests would contact their host or Airbnb themselves to try to rectify the issue, it seems the couple took a different route.

They contacted their host, identified simply as Mr Lee, and inquired whether the property was fitted with security cameras.

And Mr Lee told them it wasn't - although it did have a camera at the entrance to document entries and exits.

The visitors went in and, instead of enjoying the holiday let as agreed, turned on all the lights, taps, electrical appliances and gas taps.

After staying for five days initially, they left and returned to the property just five times in 25 days for less than five minutes each time.

The pair came to the house five times during their stay.

However, Mr Lee didn't know about appliances being left on until the agreed check-out because his gas company checked in, fearing that there might be a leak due to the huge surge in usage.

When he went to the property, it was empty with the windows open and gas left on.

With the couple wasting a massive 12k litres of water, which Seoul's Waterworks Headquarters told SBS is the same as what eight adults would use in two months, Mr Lee was faced with massive bills.

The first was a $116 (£93) water and electricity bill, a $730 (£587) gas bill and $728 (£585) for undisclosed 'miscellaneous expenses'.

The property is in the suburbs rather than the centre of the capital.

"Seeing how the utility bills went up by quite a lot, I wonder how unkind they have to be to be able to do such a thing," Lee said.

Although Airbnb’s AirCover protects hosts by providing cover for damage to the property or host’s belongings, it does not cover utility bills.

Mr Lee was allegedly advised to settle the bill with the couple directly, but they had already left the country.

UNILAD has reached out to Airbnb for comment.

Featured Image Credit: SBS/ric laudonien / Alamy Stock Photo

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