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Reality Star Hits Back At Trolls After Wearing Dress To Awards Show

Reality Star Hits Back At Trolls After Wearing Dress To Awards Show

An Australian reality star has hit back at trolls who are hating on him for wearing a dress to an awards ceremony.

An Australian reality star has hit back at trolls who are hating on him for wearing a dress to an awards ceremony.

Christian Wilkins attended the 62nd Annual TV Week Logie Awards ceremony on Sunday, 19 June. However, the 26-year-old son of television presenter Richard Wilkins has faced intense backlash online for his attire.

The socialite wore a backless, sheer, flowing dress, accompanied by boots and a slick side-parted hairstyle.

However, he was soon targeted online for his look, with trolls raining in to post nasty comments on Twitter.

One shared a screenshot from Mail Online coverage of Christian's look, the caption reading: "Richard Wilkins' son Christian Wilkins (pictured) showing off his trim frame in a pale pink ruffled dress with pearl detail at the collarbone." The user responded: "His son?"

Another user said: "Yes interesting times isn't it."

"Ridiculous," a third commented.

However, Christian was quick to respond to some of the negativity.

He called out the comment about him being Richard's 'son' by stating: "If you’re going to try be a b***h at least be original."

To a user named Sara Victoria who said: "STOP normalising this bullsh*t!!! IT'S NOT NORMAL!!!," the 26-year-old responded jokingly: "What is happening to the world!!!! masculinity is ending!!! burn everything!!"

Despite the awful hate the reality star has received, other followers have chimed up in support of Christian with many commending his outfit choice as 'brave'.

"I gasped when I saw how amazing you looked! More of this please :)," one said.

Another wrote: "It’s as if people don’t understand they can go through life without commenting on other peoples appearances, but instead they voice their personal fears throughout society, it’s quite sad really. spread love, not hate."

"There will always be people of limited imagination, but they are not the ones who expand our consciousness or positively contribute to our evolution as a society," a third echoed.

However, Christian has had to defend his outfit choices before.

Earlier this year in February after attending a Mardi Gras event in Sydney, the reality star called out a headline by Mail Online which read: "Dude looks like a lady!"

"It’s completely homophobic and misogynistic statements like these that causes anxiety and fear in many LGBTQI ppl (sic) – yes I know I’m in a dress and celebrate my femininity but come on … ‘dude looks like a lady’?" he wrote on his Instagram stories.

In an op-ed for's Honey, Christian declared he will 'never stop wearing skirts'.

The 26-year-old drew on periods in which both men and women have typically worn skirts throughout history as well as noting how 'much of masculine culture, especially in Australia, seems to reject the push towards the male skirt'.

To all the haters of him wearing a skirt, dress or whatever item of clothing he so desires, Christian said: "So, as a small 'F**k you' (I’ve often been accused of being the littlest bit spiteful), I have continued wearing skirts, black skirts, miniskirts, skirts that make me look like style icon Cher Horowitz from Clueless, for reasons of both comfort and fashion.

"And also, in the hope that if there is a little boy out there on the interwebs who too loves skirts, he knows that that’s okay - in fact, it’s fabulous."

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