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European Weed Hotspot That Has Its Own Laws And Dedicated 'Green Light District'

European Weed Hotspot That Has Its Own Laws And Dedicated 'Green Light District'

Copenhagen is home to Freetown Christiania, a community-led enclave that’s become known as a stoner’s paradise

If chowing down on a tasty spliff is your idea of a good time, you might want to shove this place straight to the top of your travel list. 

Freetown Christiania, a community-led enclave, has become known as a stoner’s paradise thanks to the fact weed is sold on Christiania’s streets. 

Freetown Christiania.

Christiania, in Copenhagen, also has laws independent of the Danish government, with inhabitants agreeing to live by a set of principles that promote fairness and equality. 

The community has its own social services and health centre and cars aren’t allowed in any part of the district.

Christiania was once situated on an old military barracks and was founded back in the 1970s by hippies and squatters. 

Christiania’s infamous cannabis trade takes part in its Green Light District - also known as Pusher Street - however many stalls have closed because of conflict the cannabis trade has caused.

Police often 'invade' the area and back in 2016 a man was shot dead by police after opening fire, hitting two officers and a bystander. 

As a result, many Christiania residents want to rid the community of its drug trade and have plastered posters that read ‘help Christiania - buy your hash elsewhere’ around Copenhagen.

Cannabis raids became so frequent in Christiania that visitors are encouraged not to run, so as not to cause panic. 

Freetown Christiania is a community-led enclave that’s become known as a stoner’s paradise.

A sign at the entrance of Christiania says ‘running causes panic’. 

It’s also worth remembering that although you might be able to get your hands on a joint in Christiania, smoking weed is actually illegal in Denmark, and that rule still applies to Christiania.

That said, tourists still flock to The Green Light District in the hope of striking marijuana deals and weed is still sold from little booths lining the street. 

Christiania residents are so determined to make sure their liberal utopia isn’t spoiled that until recently, photos of the freetown were forbidden, although that has since changed. 

Visitors used to be greeted by a sign that said: “Dear friends, there are three rules in the green light district: have fun; no photos—buying and selling hash is still illegal,” when they entered the freetown.

Today, around 850 people live in Christiania, and you’ll often see them whizzing around the freetown on Christiania bikes - a sort of tricycle that has a big box stuck to the front of it. 

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