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Man drowns on honeymoon before thieves steal newlyweds’ belongings from beach

Man drowns on honeymoon before thieves steal newlyweds’ belongings from beach

Steven Phan and his wife were celebrating their marriage when tragedy struck

A California man drowned during his honeymoon on a beach in Hawaii as thieves targeted the couple and stole their belongings.

Steven Phan and his new bride Brittany travelled to Honolulu after they tied the knot earlier this year, and were spending time near Electric Beach in Oahu when tragedy struck not once, but twice.

The Californian couple were snorkeling off the shore on 1 June when Steven disappeared under the water, prompting a spear fisherman to come to his aid.

The fisherman pulled Steven to shore, but he was already unresponsive.

Bystanders began administering CPR to try and save his life before first responders arrived at the scene to transport Steven to hospital, but he sadly passed away.

Steven Phan and Brittany were snorkeling in Hawaii.

A GoFundMe memorial fund has since been set up in Steven's honour, and explains the situation was only made worse as thieves stole everything the couple had with them.

"As if this could not be worse, all of Brittany and Steven's belongings were stolen, the thieves took their cell phones, wallets, money, clothing, they even stole their car rental," the page explains.

Jessica Lani Rich, of the Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii, commented: “This is a very tragic situation. The family is grieving. Can you imagine being on your honeymoon and having your spouse pass away?”

Teresa Kling, an employee from Aaron's Dive Shop on Oahu, shared a statement describing the beach as one which is 'extremely popular' with both locals and tourists.

Discussing snorkeling in the area, Kling added: "Everything depends on the conditions and the day. It tends to be a great spot for beginners."

The GoFundMe page describes Steven as a 'great man', saying he 'always found a way to be a part of everyone’s lives, no matter the distance'.

Steven and Brittany married earlier in 2023.

"Steven was a true friend and an amazing husband, Steven will be incredibly missed by all," it adds.

Donations from the page are set to go to Steven's family to help them cover funeral and memorial costs.

"As the Phan and Myers family reel from this tragic and sudden loss, the last thing that they should be worried about is the financial burden," the page says.

Steven's death prompted members of the public to call for more responders to be stationed on beaches in Honolulu, as well as a push for better education for visitors to the area who may not be familiar with the dangers of the water.

The city has expressed plans to add a new lifeguard stand to the beach.

UNILAD has contacted Honolulu Police Department for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Darling and Fischer Campbell Memorial Chapel / GoFundMe

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