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Man cheats death after falling 100ft off mountain

Man cheats death after falling 100ft off mountain

Syed Bukhari, 24, was hiking in Haramosh in the Himalayas when a mule charged at him, sending him flying 100ft

A Brit managed to escape death after falling 100ft off a mountain when a mule charged at him, admitting he hadn’t realised how high up he was until he was ‘all the way down’. 


Syed Bukhari, 24, was hiking in Haramosh in the Himalayas for three days, and was carrying camera equipment and other belongings with him. 

While local mules generally tend to be friendly, Bukhari learnt the hard way that this isn’t always the case. 

On the second day of his hike, one charged towards him and sent him flying – off the edge of a mountain. 

Bukhari, from Walthamstow, London, told "The fall down happened all so quick that I just remember the animal hitting me and me falling off the edge seeing my friend’s reaction. 

"I didn’t realise how high we were until I was all the way down. 

Syed Bukhari, 24.
Jam Press

"The locals arrived immediately with ropes. Some even climbed down to tie the ropes around me, and guided my steps back up." 

In the fall, he lost his camera equipment and broke some of the other items he’d been carrying. 

Some of his belongings were broken or lost.
Jam Press

Bukhari continued: "I was carried for six to eight hours, until we got back to base. 

"There, vehicles could access me and I was taken to a nearby hospital where I got stitched up." 

He fell 100ft after being thrown off a mountain by the mule.
Jam Press
Jam Press

He ended up with three separate head wounds that required a total of eight stitches, but he has also been left with lasting pain and other signs of the incident. 

"I’m left with back pain, scars on my face, legs and back, pretty much all over my body,” Bukhari said. 

Bukhari suffered three separate head injuries in the fall.
Jam Press
Jam Press

Bukhari, who regularly posts videos about his travels on Instagram (, shared a video of his hike documenting what happened before and after the fall.

His post attracted hundreds of likes and comments from shocked viewers, with one writing: "Glad to know you’re alive."

Someone else said: "S**t, get well soon bro." 

He shared a video of what happened on Instagram.
Jam Press

Another commented: "Bless the people that helped you! Amazing u got out of that alive!"

A fourth said: "Damn.. I am glad you are okay bro."

A fifth added: "Omg. Glad you’re okay brother. Wish you a speedy recovery."

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Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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