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Moment boy, 8, was struck by lightning in 'extreme freak accident' caught on camera

Moment boy, 8, was struck by lightning in 'extreme freak accident' caught on camera

The horrifying incident was caught on camera

Shocking footage has shown the horrifying moment an eight-year-old boy was struck by lightning while spending time at the beach.

The boy was with his family at Barrack Point, a beach on the New South Wales' coast in Australia, when the terrifying ordeal took place.

As he was heading out into the water, he was struck by lightning and 'fell into the water', leaving his dad and brothers to rush to his rescue.

The family had been celebrating Australia Day - held on January 26 - at the beach in the city of Warilla.

Speaking to 9News, Simon Young, a witness on the beach, said that a storm had been brewing for most of the day - but the lightning still took everybody by surprise.

The shocking moment was caught on video.
Nine News

Young said: "It was just like a shock out of nowhere and at the time I looked out to the inlet and everyone was unaware of what had occurred.

"A young child just fell to the ground in the water and his family and siblings ran to his aid to grab him as fast as possible."

Once he was brought to shore, the boy, who was unconscious and not breathing, was given the full attention of the Shellharbour Surf Life Savers, who set about trying to save the boy's life.

The boy was given care before being transported to Westmead hospital in Sydney, where he remains in a critical but stable condition.

He reportedly had scars and burns on his chest when he was pulled out of the water.

Shellharbour Surf Life Savers were by the boy's side immediately after he was knocked unconscious.
Nine News

Lifeguard Byron Vinkovic, who was part of the team that took care of the youngster after the freak accident, praised his team's efforts.

Speaking to 9News, Vinkovic said: "We had been monitoring a storm cell that was moving over Wollongong but still hadn't reached us yet.

"All six lifeguards did an absolutely amazing job. It was a rapid response from lifeguards and emergency services.

"I could not praise them enough."

Another lifeguard, Chris Holme, added: "All our hearts go out to the young boy and their family and hope they are on the road to recovery."

The harrowing incident was one of thousands that took place along the New South Wales coastline on Australia Day.

One million Australians had flocked to the state's beaches to celebrate their national holiday, leading to Surf Live Saving NSW dealing with '41 major incidents'.

According to Australia Wide First Aid, over a hundred Australians are struck by lightning on a yearly basis, with five to ten people dying as a result.

Featured Image Credit: 9News

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