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Boy, 6, falls 40 feet from amusement park zipline after harness breaks
Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Mayra Hernandez

Boy, 6, falls 40 feet from amusement park zipline after harness breaks

The young boy's family watched on in horror as he fell

A six-year-old boy has been described as 'psychologically damaged' after he fell 40 feet when his harness broke during a ziplining experience.

The young boy, named Cesar, was flying slowly over the drop on the Amazonian Expedition at Parque Fundidora, in the Mexican state of Nuevo León, when the faulty equipment suddenly caused him to drop from the line.

Family members filmed the moment he and another man made their way down the zipline, enjoying watching the pair take on the experience before their laughter turned to screams.

Cesar and another man were on the zipline in Mexico.
Facebook/Mayra Hernandez

Family members said Cesar's harness broke when he and the man slowed to a stop and hovered over the drop, causing him to fall into an artificial pool approximately 40 feet below.

Thankfully, a nearby tourist was close enough to quickly jump into the pool, which is said to have been about 20 feet deep, and managed to save Cesar. He only suffered minor injuries.

His brother, J Cesar Sauceda, told Fox News Digital the six-year-old is now recovering physically from the accident, but described him as 'psychologically damaged' and 'afraid'.

Cesar fell approximately 40 feet into the water below.
Facebook/Mayra Hernandez

Family members have blamed inadequate training at the park as the reason why staff did not better handle the situation.

Another relative, Mayra Hernandez, shared about the horrific events on Facebook, writing: "What a bad experience we've had, thank God Cesar fell well in water with a depth of more than 5 meters, the staff didn't know what to do and didn't know how to swim!!!

"Due to the poor training of the staff everything could have been worse the harness burst!!"

The zipline attraction is operated by an individual, according to authorities looking into the incident.

A government agency in Nuevo León suspended various attractions at Parque Fundidora after Cesar's harness failed, and assured they would stay in touch with his family to 'provide institutional support and attend everything related to the situation'.

Cesar's family said his harness during the experience.
Facebook/Mayra Hernandez

An investigation into the incident is now underway.

In a statement, the agency said: "Today Civil Protection of Nuevo León in coordination with Fundidora Park, made the preventive suspension of several attractions of the concessionary "Amazonia Park", the previous after the situation that occurred at an attraction on the day of June 25, while the thorough investigation is carried out for determine the exact causes of the accident, review of all areas of the concession, as well as determine liability on the part of the dealership."

UNILAD has contacted Parque Fundidora for comment.

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