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Billionaire businessman is giving away $1 million every week

Billionaire businessman is giving away $1 million every week

Rob Hale from Boston is giving away $1 million of his fortune every single week.

A billionaire is giving away $1 million of his fortune every single week this year.

Boston billionaire Rob Hale runs Granite Telecommunications and together with his wife he's thought of a way to give some of his money back in a way that does a lot of good at the same time.

He's giving away $1 million for every week of the year to a different non-profit organisation, with the different groups saying the financial aid 'has meant the world' to them.

For some non-profit groups it means they can expand their operations beyond anything they previously dreamed was possible, for others they are freed from worrying about money for another year.

According to CBS, Rob and his wife Karen have decided to give a million each week to a small group who would benefit greatly from access to funding beyond their wildest dreams.

He said: "We're blessed, we're very fortunate, and our belief is that we should extend those good tidings as deeply into the community as much as possible.

"There are so many vital impactful smaller organisations in our communities that needed our help."

Hale's employees got the ball rolling on charitable donations all the way back in 2011 with a casual Friday where colleagues would put in $3 which the company would match.

Rob and Karen Hale are giving away $52 million to small non-profit organization groups.

Sue Chandler, director of DOVE (Domestic Violence Ended), said their million dollars was 'absolutely our biggest gift ever' and said they were looking at investing it in a new building for their group.

While almost nobody in the world would consider a million dollars to be small change, with the money going to smaller organisations it's helped make an even bigger impact.

Hale said giving his money away to worthy causes like this 'makes you feel so good' and described it as 'a gift we can actually get'.

Billionaire philanthropist Rob Hale is giving away $1 million a week this year.

Anyone hoping for a big handout if they ask really nicely is probably going to end up disappointed as all the money is going towards non-profit organisations as chosen by Rob and his wife Karen.

This sort of giveaway is probably quite tightly planned with a clear idea of where the millions are going to be allocated.

Forbes reports that Hale has already paid out $28.5 million this year to 29 separate organisations with another 11 due for some money.

That leaves the couple looking for another dozen worthy projects to invest in which they think could really benefit from the financial investment.

If Mr Hale does ever find himself looking for somewhere to donate his next million and is struggling for ideas then I wouldn't say no.

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