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Bartender leaves people in shock for telling customers who ‘aren’t tipping 40%’ to get out of bar

Bartender leaves people in shock for telling customers who ‘aren’t tipping 40%’ to get out of bar

The TikTok video of the bartender yelling at the customers has sparked controversy.

Sometimes people get turfed out of a bar by the bartender when they've had too much to drink and need to be cut off. Other times, you've gotten so caught up in conversations that you've not looked at the time and the exhausted bar staff are calling for last orders.

However, it's highly unlikely that you've ever been kicked out of a drinking hole for not leaving a tip the staff deem to be substantial enough. Unfortunately, a TikToker called Jordan (@jsauce527) managed to catch a bartender doing just that.

The video has gained viral status on the platform, dividing viewers over who was in the wrong in the situation.

Some believe that the bartender's actions were uncalled for, claiming that a 40% tip is outrageous. However, others believe the request for such a high tip was a way to keep the customers on their toes, and ensure they left in a timely manner so that staff could go home and rest.

In the clip, the bartender can be seen yelling at the Rockford Illinois bar: “If you’re not f*cking the bartenders, tipping 40%, get the f*ck out of the bar. It is 2 o’clock and I’m ready to go the f*ck home.”

The bartender then stars waving the customers out of the bar, urging them to 'Get out!'

One TikTok user who watched the video, left a comment essentially saying that the loud behaviour would have the opposite effect on them, writing “I’d leave no tip after that.”

The video has sparked controversy, striking up more than 2000 comments.

Another wrote: "You want me to pay your rent as well?"

However, some viewers sided with the bartender and even sympathised, expressing that they'd done similar things whilst working in bars, too.

One wrote: “These comments ain’t it some of y’all shouldn’t do the bar scene if y’all are gonna be this precious about it half the fun is the bartender.”

Customers in the bar can be seen looking around confused.

Some called out the viewers for completely missing the point of the bartender's comments, saying: “Everyone saying 40% is ridiculous… that’s the point.. they want you to leave,”

Another thought the screaming in the video was probably just in jest and that many of the punters were likely to be regulars who just hang out a bit too long after hours.

“It’s probably just regulars in the bar anyways , the comments are a bit too extra,” they wrote.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jsauce527

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