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Aussie Radio Host Bizarrely Asks Errol Musk What Elon's Penis Looks Like

Aussie Radio Host Bizarrely Asks Errol Musk What Elon's Penis Looks Like

Kyle Sandilands did not hold back when he was interviewing the tech billionaire's father.

Aussie radio hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O quizzed Errol Musk on everything about his billionaire son, including what his penis looks like.

Errol was asked about his son’s dating life and the conversation bizarrely moved to Elon’s package and if he was circumcised.

Sandilands said: “Australian ladies, they like to know if the man’s cut or uncut. When they think of your son, they want to know what’s his penis look like."

He continued: “It’s an Australian woman thing; they’re very promiscuous.”

To which Errol burst into laughter before telling the professional s**t stirrers: “I’ll ask him to take a photograph.”

The Musk patriarch said avoided answering the cut vs uncut question and claimed he didn't really know.

Sandilands said: “Ask him to send a d**k pick.”

Jackie O chimed in and said: “We’ll keep it on the DL.”

Which we beg to differ, as reality stars Olivia Fraser and Jackson Lonie recently threatened to sue the duo for showing a private video from their OnlyFans account of the couple engaging in sex on-air, according to New Idea.

So we’re not sure if keeping things on the ‘DL’ is their speciality.

In the same interview, Sandilands also asked Errol about his relationship with his former step-daughter, Jana Bezuidenhout, whom he’s had two children with.

Errol defended the controversial relationship and said: “I was married to her mother for two years in the '90s, and I never saw her [Jana]; she was actually placed in foster care.”

Errol Musk - Dad of a Genius / YouTube

We get it; as long as you don’t have a close personal relationship with your step-daughter before you hook up, it’s totally fine! Got it.

He continued: “I never saw her for many years and then...I think maybe I had seen her and then about 2014, she was 30 years old.

"She’s a lovely girl, and she’s very striking, and she had an eight-year-old, and I said, ‘oh you know, let me help’.”

We imagine Errol proposing to ‘help’ vulnerable young women is very much him sliding into their DMs.

He adds: “We became friends.”

Sandilands responds: “So you struck up a romance? That’s completely normal.”

To which Errol said: “Yeah, that’s completely normal.”

Errol also recently opened up about the relationship to The Sun, telling the outlet his children - especially his daughters, were 'shocked' by the significant age gap between him and Jana.

"And they still don’t like it,” he explained. 

Featured Image Credit: Kyle and Jackie O/YouTube. Errol Musk/YouTube

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