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Owner nearly abandons vacation after seeing heartbreaking footage on his pet cam

Owner nearly abandons vacation after seeing heartbreaking footage on his pet cam

The cat was seen wandering around the house meowing very pitifully after his owner

A cat owner nearly abandoned their vacation after seeing the heart wrenching sight of their cat meowing for them on their pet cam.

Cats might be far more independent than dogs, but can still tug at their owners' heartstrings.

And one cat did this so much, that it nearly convinced its owner to turn around their car and cancel their vacation.

Pawl the Cat is the star of TikTok account @catnamedpawl, which documents his various feline exploits.

His owners recently went on vacation and left Pawl alone in the house, though they had people coming to visit to check in on him daily.

But a video showing the cat wandering around the house, armed with a fish toy, meowing for his owner has racked up some 12.1 million views on the platform, wrenching hearts all across the globe.

Owner Jonah told Newsweek: "I found Pawl about four years ago. I had been living in an apartment on the ground floor for about a week and then a kitten showed up and started scratching at my window. We've been best friends ever since.

Pawl was seen holding a toy fish and meowing pitifully.

"When we go on vacation we have babysitters to watch Pawl, but also always set up cameras to make sure he's doing okay.

"Typically it's a lot of him just laying around, or looking out the window looking at birds. This time when we checked the cameras it was Pawl roaming around the apartment with his fish making the saddest meows we've ever heard."

Jonah added: "We're going to start practicing going in the car with Pawl to see how he handles road trips. He does already go for stroller rides and walks.

"Most mornings I actually wake up the fish in front of my bedroom door because Pawls brings it to me every night. I like to think it's his way of showing he's thinking about me."

His owners said they nearly turned their car around when they saw the heart wrenching footage.

Cats have different ways of showing affection, including rubbing up against ankles, purring, meowing, or jumping on furniture or counters to get close to you.

People took to the comments to express how cute they found Pawl, with one saying: "My cat does the same thing carrying out his stuffed fish! We call it his emotional support fish."

Another said that they should get a friend for Pawl, writing: "See this is why I got my cat and friend and she had the nerve to hate him."

And a third simply wrote: "I literally would’ve turned around."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@catnamedpawl

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