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Outrage erupts after man gets refused from bringing his emotional support alligator to baseball game

Outrage erupts after man gets refused from bringing his emotional support alligator to baseball game

Wally the loveable gator has helped owner Joseph come out of a dark depression.

A man has been banned from entering a baseball game because he was carrying his emotional support alligator.

While most people would opt for a dog to be their crutch during tough times, Joseph Henney decided he wanted something a bit more prehistoric.

He ended up with Wally the loveable alligator.

The man from Jonestown, Pennsylvania, was hoping to enjoy a fun evening watching the Philadelphia Phillies take on the Pittsburgh Pirates, according to USA Today.

It was the second game of the Phillies' final home series of the regular season and they've already secured a wild card spot in the National League playoffs.

But Joseph and Wally had to watch the game at home after they weren't let in to Citizens Bank Park.

The park has a strict rule when it comes to support animals.

"Certified service dogs or service dogs in training for guests with special needs are welcome. All other animals are prohibited," their policy states.

Well, people on social media have been absolutely fuming at the snub.

One said: "We’re going to get you behind home plate Wally I swear to god in all his infinite power."

Another added: "Generations of baseball fans will read about the Emotional Support Alligator Curse that kept the Phillies from winning the World Series for 71 years."

A third wrote: "Not sure if I can stay a Phillies fan anymore."

Joseph adopted Wally back in 2015 after a friend in Florida was trying to find a home for a bunch of gators whose home was being threatened by land development.

It was during a difficult time for the man.

“I lost three family members and four lifelong friends in two weeks. I shut down in a big, deep depression,” Henney said via The Guardian.

“My doctor wanted to give me anti-depression medicine and I wouldn’t take it.

"So I went back in a month for another evaluation with my doctor. And he said, ‘What are you doing, Joe? You’re doing pretty good'.

“I said, ‘I’m hanging out with my alligator'.”

Wally has become a social media sensation and everyone seemingly loves the mildly scary creature.

But the gator is actually a big softie.

“He is constantly with me, constantly keeping my attention, and making me laugh," he said.

"We found that he does sense people’s emotions, and he tries to comfort them. He is famous for his hugs. People come from all over the world to get a hug.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/wallygatornjoie

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