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Huge crocodile rumored to have eaten 300 people escapes capture in dramatic footage

Huge crocodile rumored to have eaten 300 people escapes capture in dramatic footage

Move over Nelly Furtado, there's a new man eater in town

Footage has revealed the moment a group tried to capture a crocodile who stands accused of eating over 300 people.

Hats off to the group of people for even trying in the first place, alas, sadly they were no match for notorious Nile crocodile Gustave who stalks the waters and shores in Burundi, East Africa.

Prepare to get goose-bumps:

Gustave, who is thought to measure six meters long and weigh close to a ton, is widely believed to be the biggest crocodile in Africa.

Rumored to have eaten over 300 people, Gustave's presence continues to terrify those who live nearby to Lake Tanganyika.

Some brave souls have tried their hand at capturing the legendary beast, although none have been successful and Gustave bears the war marks but ultimately still swims free.

The croc's body bears at least three bullet wounds from where hunters have tried - and failed - to kill him.

And all attempts to capture him alive have proven unsuccessful too.

Gustave is an absolutely massive crocodile with a body count rumored to be in the triple figures.

One committed effort to try to ensnare Gustave was documented in TV documentary Capturing the Killer Croc.

Led by French crocodile hunter Patrice Faye, the team laid out a giant cage trap full of bait and waited for Gustave to get in.

However, like the stealthy mice in your kitchen who may smell the cheese but don't pitter patter their way into your trap, Gustave similarly didn't rise to the bait.

Although, a few small crocodiles were caught in some of the other traps, so, you win some you lose some?

In the end, the team of hunters made one final effort to capture the croc, setting a giant cage with live animals inside in the hopes that living, moving prey would finally trick him into it.

Once again, Gustave's wits proved too great, until one night when the group spotted the cage - and goat tied up within - had vanished.

The trap was later discovered dragged into the water with the goat gone and the hunters had to admit defeat.

They were left wondering whether the goat had managed to make a break for it or whether Gustave had dragged the contraption and the animal inside into the murky depths, treating himself to a quick lunchtime snack.

Efforts to capture Gustave have all failed, with the giant croc leaving their traps smashed.

Faye spent years studying Gustave, describing him to the BBC in 2002 as 'three times as big as other crocodiles in Burundi' and 'very dangerous'.

He noted Gustave is most dangerous when he leaves his island to find female crocodiles - presumably stopping off for snacks in the form of people along the way.

Faye resolved also said killing the mighty croc should be 'out of the question'.

Featured Image Credit: MagellanTV/YouTube

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