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Tourists scramble out of water after massive crocodile appears and starts attacking people

Tourists scramble out of water after massive crocodile appears and starts attacking people

The terrifying incident unfolded at Wangi Falls in Australia

A group of tourists experienced a true nightmare after a crocodile 'charged' and attacked them, creating utter havoc in a usually idyllic spot.

The terrifying incident unfolded yesterday (10 July) at Wangi Falls in Litchfield National Park, which is located in Australia's Northern Territory.

Tourists were enjoying a swim in the stunning location when unbeknown to them, a 2.4 meter-long saltwater crocodile had somehow managed to get past the croc fences and made its way into the water.

Much to the swimmer's horror, the crocodile 'charged' at the group and caused utter havoc in a matter of seconds - leaving some tourists clinging on for life on nearby rocks.

Recalling the incident on Facebook, Joel Bennett - who was in the water at the time with his partner - described how 'above the roar of the falls I heard a heap of yelling to turn around and see a decent size croc heading straight for us'.

He added: "After a quick dash to the rocks where Meghan was and getting ourselves up on a ledge. It circled around the pool for a while then swam off down a creek."

Meghan later spoke to 9News, recalling: "I heard people yelling out, 'There's a croc, there's a croc', and I was immediately scared.

"I could only see its head. At that point, it was probably about 15 metres from me."

Joel also thanked a pair of South African tourists who, after the removal of some barriers and hand rails, got their boat over to them to bring them to shore safely.

A saltwater crocodile charged at a group of tourists, leaving some clinging on to rocks as a means of safety.
Facebook/Joel Bennett

It was later confirmed by the NT Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security that moments before the crocodile charged the group, a 67-year-old man suffered a bite to his arm - though thankfully, he remains in stable condition in Royal Darwin Hospital.

Victoria resident Will Johanson, who was swimming with his five-year-old son, spoke to ABC News about the ordeal and said at first, he had 'no idea' anyone had been attacked.

"Suddenly we turned around and everyone was all out of the water and pointing in our direction, and sure enough there was a croc swimming nearby," he said.

"We were sort of stuck on the other side of the waterhole, probably me and half a dozen other people, and my five-year-old son."

The 2.4 meter-long saltwater crocodile (not pictured) bit a 67-year-old man, though thankfully his injuries aren't life threatening.

The area currently remains closed to tourists.

"It is estimated the crocodile is approximately two metres long," the department's head of Northern Australian Parks, Dean McAdam, said.

"Rangers are working with the Crocodile Management Team to remove the animal. Further crocodile surveys will then be undertaken prior to reopening."

Northern Territory authorities confirmed today to 9News that the male saltwater crocodile had been euthanized overnight.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Joel Bennett

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