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Dog trainer shares the only three breeds he'd never own
Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @americanstandardk9/ Getty stock

Dog trainer shares the only three breeds he'd never own

A dog trainer has shared the three dog breeds he would never own and explained why he'd never get them in a now-viral TikTok

Famous dog trainer Garret Wing has sparked controversy after sharing which three breeds of dog he wouldn't get.

Wing is the founder of Florida-based training school America Standard Dog Training and boasts and impressive 3.2 million followers on TikTok.

He works with all types of dog breeds: from Presa Canarios and Labradoodles, to German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers.

With his masses of experience in mind, Wing shared which three breeds he wouldn't personally get and explained his reasoning.

In a TikTok video that's been viewed a staggering 25 million times, Wing said that the first dog he wouldn't get is a the Central Asian Shepherd (AKA the Alabai).

Apparently the males can grow to be a whopping 170lb and, while they're 'great livestock guardians', he doesn't have any livestock for the pooch to protect.

The second on his list with the Bloodhound.

This breed can grow up to 110lb, but that's not why Wing is reluctant to get one.

"It's not their size that concerns me, it's their oily skin," he explained.

"That oily skin makes them stink like no other dog. I don't care how many baths you give them, they just have a smell about them that's hard to get rid of."

Then he proceeded to share the third breed he'd never get - the Chihuahua.

Wing says of the small dogs, which are famously loved by DJ and heiress Paris Hilton: "If I needed a 3lb demon from the underworld that served no other purpose than to sit on my lap and bite anything that comes within three feet range of me, then I would get a chihuahua."

He went on to say that the breed is a 'hard pass' from him, and Wing's comments didn't go down well with devoted Chihuahua owners.

"My Chihuahua is an angel, it's all about early training, don't be discouraged! Mine is super friendly towards strangers and all it wants is cuddles," one person insisted.

Garret described Chihuahua's as 'demons'.
Getty Stock Image

"Chihuahua are actually very smart, their aggressive behaviour actually comes from people treating them like a toy instead of a dog," added another.

"Excuse me sir, my 3lb Chihuahua is a great guard dog," quipped someone else.

A fourth person went on: "I have a Chihuahua and they he’s the sweetest thing ever, they only bite unless they’ve been abused."

Elsewhere, people hit back at Wing's comments about Bloodhounds and insisted that the pooch doesn't actually smell that bad.

"I have 2 bloodhounds & the smell isn’t that bad, the slobber is," said one Bloodhound-owner.

"I had a bloodhound he didn’t stink from what I remember only thing is he’d chew up the fence," said another.

As to what dogs Wing does endorse, he's shared videos about Golden Retrievers being 'great family dogs' and Doberman's being 'easily trainable'.

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