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Dog desperately chases after owner's car after being abandoned at the roadside
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@briianna.kc

Dog desperately chases after owner's car after being abandoned at the roadside

Video shows the heartbreaking moment a dog chases after it's 'disgusting' previous owner's car as they drive away after dumping it

Warning: This article contains discussion, images and video of animal cruelty which some readers may find distressing.

A video has revealed the heartbreaking moment a dog started running after its old owner after being abandoned at the side of the road.

If you've been holding a good old pent up cry in the last few weeks and have been searching for the right time to release it, but aren't a fan of stubbing your toe, then you've come to the right place. Prepare to sob - if you don't, well, I have no words:

Yesterday (25 April), animal rescuer Destiny Gomez took to Instagram to share footage of a harrowing incident, which took place on Pacific Coast Highway and Cherry in California.

The video - reportedly taken by a food delivery driver - shows a small white dog - which looks like some sort of Bull Terrier or Jack Russell mix - running after a black sedan.

In the multiple different videos montaged together, the dog can be seen wagging its tail, looking hopefully up at the car, panting as it tries to keep up but not being let into the car. The video reports the poor canine had just been brutally dumped on the side of the road by is previous owner.

The heart-wrenching footage continues, showing the pup running along even when there's oncoming traffic and also trying its best to jump up into the vehicle, but to no avail.

Gomez captioned the video: " LETS FIND THIS TRASHY LADY + her poor dog. She even took her license plate off the car. This was absolutely planned. What a disgusting human being. He was last seen in this alley….. this is the world we live in guys! I’M SO PISSED. WE DON’T DESERVE ANIMALS."

If that doesn't make your blood boil and heart strings physically ache too then I don't know what will, however, Gomez has since released an update on the dog.

The footage is heartbreaking (Instagram/ @briianna.kc)
The footage is heartbreaking (Instagram/ @briianna.kc)

Gomez revealed the dog - named Chico - was located and caught and is 'now established with the amazing Bella's Animal Rescue'.

In a 'pupdate' posted to her story, Gomez explained the rescue will help 'make the next moves for Chico's lovely journey'.

"We can finally focus on his health such as, getting him neutered, vaccines done, all that good stuff," she continues.

"He will forever get unlimited love. I promise you will never feel unwanted baby boy."

She added: "I personally know this rescue so please don't assume he's going somewhere untrustworthy. It's all going up from here on out Chico!"

Chico has thankfully been placed in a foster home (Instagram/ @briianna.kc)
Chico has thankfully been placed in a foster home (Instagram/ @briianna.kc)

Gomez also shared a link for people to donate to support Chico and the rescue centre who took him in.

And in the latest update, Gomez noted Chico is doing 'absolutely perfect in his wonderful foster home' however, the little pup is still on the hunt for a forever home.

So, how about it dog lovers?

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