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Family stunned after CCTV footage inside their home shows what caused devastating house fire

Family stunned after CCTV footage inside their home shows what caused devastating house fire

A family's 'whole upstairs is now unliveable' after a fire was started in their kitchen by an unlikely suspect

People are flooding to social media in horror after a family shared CCTV footage revealing what started a fire in their house.

On June 26, a family's home in Colorado Springs, Colorado, went up in flames and the incident was caught on CCTV, which exposed the shocking events which led up to the fire beginning.

Prepare to immediately go and check your stove:

At around 4:45am, Colorado Springs Fire Department were called to an address in the southeast neighborhood near Highway 24, according to Fox Carolina.

Once at the scene, firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze - located in the kitchen area of the house.

However, according to a GoFundMe started by Kim Smith, who's daughter the house belonged to, the 'whole upstairs' of the home is 'now unliveable'.

The GoFundMe post reads: "My daughter’s home caught on fire last night and they lost quite a bit.

"Their clothing and items in their home were ruined due to smoke damage. Their whole upstairs is now unlivable.

The fire began in the kitchen (KKTV)
The fire began in the kitchen (KKTV)

"They need help with finances due to being out of their home. Also her dogs and other animals are displaced.

"Please give anything you can. God Bless you all!"

After the blaze was put out, the family took a look at their CCTV from inside the house and it revealed what had started the fire.

The footage shows the sitting room, dining room and part of the kitchen area of the house - and in the right hand corner, a dog can be seen jumping up onto the counter in the kitchen, right next to the stove.

As it hops back down, it's clear it must've accidentally pressed a button, because a ring on the stove begins to glow and it then sets a bag resting on top alight. Soon enough, the whole stove is on fire, smoke has filled the room and it doesn't take long for the flames to engulf the ceiling too.

And social media users have been left aghast by the clip.

The blaze reached the ceiling (KKTV)
The blaze reached the ceiling (KKTV)

One user said: "I hope everyone was safe and got out. I don’t believe in crating my dog, but baaaby, you’d have an eviction notice asap."

"This is why I flip on my kids for leaving plates or paper towels on the stove no no no!!!" another added.

And a third commented: "That's the fault of the humans. Never leave ANYTHING on top of a stove, especially on the eye. Basic fire prevention 101. I hope everyone and the pets are okay."

However, a fourth resolved: "The lack compassion in the comments just baffles me, they lost their home!!! I believe this was shared to make people aware not to sit and judge and argue."

UNILAD has contacted Colorado Springs Fire Department for comment.

Featured Image Credit: KKTV

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