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Woman undergoes 20 body modifications to turn into ‘cat lady’
Featured Image Credit: Mediadrumworld/Aydin Mod

Woman undergoes 20 body modifications to turn into ‘cat lady’

The 22-year-old is fur real about looking like a feline and has plans for even more surgeries too

A woman has undergone over 20 body modifications to make herself look like a cat.

A 22-year-old from Rome, Italy is fur-real about looking like a feline, so much so, she's gone through a whopping 20 surgeries to look like one.

And Chiara Dell’Abate - who goes by Aydin Mod on social media - isn't just stopping there.

Halloween may be over for the rest of us, but making yourself look like a cat is Dell'Abate's daily reality.

Dell'Abate told Media Drum World she first started modifying her body at a very young age.

She got her first piercing and underwent her first ear stretching at the age of 11 and she's become 'devoted to body modification' ever since according to her Instagram, getting over 72 piercings by the time she was 16 and now with a staggering 20 body modifications too.

It's hard to know where to start with it all, but let's give it a go.

The 22-year-old wants to look like a cat.
Getty Images/ H G Ross/ ClassicStock

The 'cat lady' - who's amassed an impressive 65 million views on TikTok - has 0.8cm upper lip piercings, a 1.6 cm inner labia piercing and nose piercings.

She's also got a tongue bifurcation - her tongue split into two prongs - two holes above her lip and has undergone blepharoplasty - a type of surgery which removes excess skin from the eyelids, as well as having her nipples removed, six genital beads added and her eyeballs tattooed.

Oh, and her hands have ten subdermal - below the skin - implants too and she has four horns on her head.

But she doesn't want to stop there.

The TikToker has 20 body modifications.
Mediadrumworld/ Aydin Mod

Of her plans for future surgeries, she says: "To achieve the full cat-like look, I will need a cat eyes lift or canthoplasty - surgery to produce more elongated and naturally almond-shaped eyes - teeth reshaping, upper lip cut, more fillers.

"I’ll put a thing called transdermal, which is like a huge micro dermal to attach a tail and definitely more tattoos."

And on top of that, she'd like a boob job too.

Despite some negative comments on her social media, Dell'Abate stresses she receives 'a lot of kindness mostly'.

"People write to me about how much I inspire them to be free and have changed their views on appearances and beauty," she adds.

Well, the comments may not sting, but surely the body modifications hurt a bit?

Dell'Abate has no plans to stop there either.
Media Drum World/ Aydin Mod

Dell'Abate says: "Procedures of any kind hurt a lot, but the pain is temporary and not a big deal to me."

Overall, Dell'Abate thinks she 'would be a pretty cool cat lady' and reflects how 'crazy' it is 'to see how much the human body can change and what you can actually achieve from body modifications'.

She resolves: "Through them [body mods], I feel free to stay true to myself, regardless of what people think.

"They make me feel good, and that’s what matters."

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