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99-year-old woman welcomes her 100th great-grandchild

99-year-old woman welcomes her 100th great-grandchild

A 99-year-old woman has racked up a century of great-grandchildren.

A 99-year-old woman has welcomed into the world the latest member of her very extensive family in the form of her her 100th great-grandchild.

Earlier this month Pennsylvania resident Marguerite 'Peg' Koller was able to meet great-grandchild number 100.

Koller William Balster was born on 4 August and makes it a century of great-grandchildren for the 99-year-old, Good Morning America reports.

With a new great-grandchild named after the extensive family he's just joined, Peg was said to be 'absolutely ecstatic' to meet the newest and youngest addition to the family.

In her family are 11 children, 56 grandchildren and now the grand total of a whopping 100 great-grandchildren.

Of course, with 100 great-grandchildren must come the difficulty in remembering all of their names and birthdays, not to mention how chaotic Christmas must be.

The huge family has to celebrate major holidays in 'heats' as they can't all be together at once.

Arriving a week after his due date, young Koller had competition for the 100th spot according to mother Christine Stokes Balster, who is a granddaughter of Marguerite.

She said: "It was a race to 100. My cousin Colleen and I were just a day apart [for] our due dates, and she had the 99th great-grandchild, who is absolutely healthy and beautiful.

"So you know, just grateful, blessed to have another few babies joining this great family."

The next big 100 for Peg will be her 100th birthday, which is due in November, and given how huge her family is she'd be able to build a new house out of all the cards she'll be getting.

However, this huge family nearly never happened as in her younger years Peg had been all ready and set to become a nun, Metro reports.

Christine and Patrick Balster, parents of Peg's 100th great-grandchild Koller William.
ABC News

Peg was reportedly accepted to a convent near her home in Philadelphia and was set for life in the habit when she fell in love with future husband William.

Young Koller gets his middle name from his great-grandfather, who died in 2008.

She says William 'talked her out of it' and as an only child herself, Peg wanted to have a big family.

It turns out she got her wish as they had 11 children together, who in turn had 56 grandchildren and now there's 100 great-grandchildren.

As for fitting everyone together for family gatherings, according to Christine it's 'impossible' to get everyone in the same place and round the same table.

When the time comes for a big family event they have to do it in 'heats' so everybody can get at least a little bit of time with the rest of the clan.

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Featured Image Credit: Christine Stokes Balster/ABC News

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