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Firefighter warns ‘this ain’t done yet’ as people surround buildings after 9/11
Featured Image Credit: Unknown

Firefighter warns ‘this ain’t done yet’ as people surround buildings after 9/11

The firefighters reported live on the tragic event from Ground Zero

A firefighter warns 'this ain’t done yet' as people surround the Twin Tower buildings following the devastating aftermath of 9/11.

The first-hand accounts from 2001 show two firefighters discussing what happened at the 'terrible' event that made history. Watch what they had to say here:

The short clip looked have been filmed at the World Trade Centre or 'Ground Zero' in New York.

Two firefighters in full uniform can be heard speaking about the devastation they've just witnessed inside the Twin Towers, saying: "We were in the lobby for the third explosion.

"The whole lobby collapsed on us."

An off-screen voice asked: "What was it like?"

"Horrible," the firefighter on the left answered while his colleague said: "It was like hell, you don't want to know."

"The whole lobby collapsed on us," the first explained.

He also added that there was a 'definitely a secondary explosion'.

Two firefighters talk about their first-hand experience of the devastation of 9/11.

"We were inside waiting to go upstairs," he continued, "and on the way upstairs, the whole f***ing plane blew and it just collapsed inside the lobby."

The firefighter said the whole thing was 'terrible'.

He went on to say there was a 'third' explosion after that, adding: "Everybody was inside the building waiting to go upstairs and they just let loose.

"Everything just let loose inside the building."

He carried on: "We came in after the fire, we came when the fire was going on already.

"We were in the staging area inside the building waiting to go upstairs."

He went on to recall that 'everybody tried to make their way out' following the explosion.

The firefighter on the right, who had been mostly quiet throughout the interview, then piped up claiming: "There may be more, any one of these f***ing buildings could blow up.

One of the firefighters said there 'could be nothing no more worse than this."

"This ain't done yet."

The first firefighter then finished the interview saying there couldn't be anything 'worse than this'.

"Could be nothing no more worse than this," he concluded.

Among the 2,996 people who died in the horrific attack, 343 firefighters were among those who tragically lost their lives.

But, according to DNY-Firefighters Association President Andrew Ansbro, the number is still increasing 21 years later due to illnesses relating to 9/11.

In 2022, he told ABC 7: "We lost 30 in the last year, over 300 post 9/11 deaths. In the last week of the summer, we had a funeral every single day of the week for members that had passed from 9/11-related cancers."

Over 300 firefighters are said to have died since the attacks, but it is believed there could be more.

"There are dozens of members that I know of personally that were here, they were retired, they came back to work, and they passed.

"They are not officially recognized. But the number is well over 300."

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