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TikToker ‘hyperventilates’ after ‘accidentally’ spending $10k on Taylor Swift tickets

TikToker ‘hyperventilates’ after ‘accidentally’ spending $10k on Taylor Swift tickets

The woman took drastic measures to make sure she'd be at the concert.

A TikToker has opened up about how she 'accidentally spent $10,000' on tickets to a Taylor Swift concert.

Swift's 'The Eras Tour' will come to Australia from 16 to 26 February next year.

The race was on for Swifties to get their hands on a ticket to see the nearly three hour set with only 630,000 tickets set for release and so a fan decided to try and give herself the best chance possible of nabbing a spot, but her plan backfired and set her back a whopping $10,000.

It gives a whole new level to fangirling.

Georgia Rose - who goes by @__georose on the platform - took to TikTok to explain how her and her younger sister are 'huge Swifties' so decided to try and get tickets to see the 'Bad Blood' singer live.

She said: "I was kind of going back and forth for a while about spending $900 or $1,200 on a concert ticket.

"In the end, I was like, 'You know what? I was there for debut'. So it was really a no brainer for me."

A TikToker accidentally spent $10,000 on Taylor Swift tickets.
TikTok/ @__georose

Georgia and her sister ended up opting for the 'It's been a long time coming' package.

As per the tour's website, the package includes: "One Unforgettable A Reserve Floor Ticket. Special Set of Four (4) Taylor Swift Prints. Exclusive Taylor Swift VIP Merchandise [including] Commemorative Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour VIP Tote Bag, Collectible Taylor Swift Pin, Sticker & Postcard Set and Souvenir Concert Ticket [and] Special VIP Tour Laminate & Matching Lanyard."

According to Georgia, the morning the Amex [American Express] pre sale for the gig went live, it was 'crazy' - with the site crashing and Amex allegedly having to release 'a separate link but only on Facebook and Twitter'.

"I was very stressed, literally shaking at this point, full drama queen vibes," the TikToker explains.

Georgia was 'very stressed' over trying to get tickets.
TikTok/ @__georose

Desperate to get her hands on tickets for her and her sister, Georgia had four windows open on her computer - 'not expecting to get tickets in any of them'.

When it hit 10am, nothing happened, but then four minutes later, tickets showed up on all four tabs.

Despite choosing one set of tickets and closing the other windows, Georgia then logged into her account, checked out, but then realised the order said $10,000.

"I froze. My heart literally stopped. The next minute I'm hyperventilating, literally sobbing."

Thankfully, Georgia was able to sell the tickets to friends and family.
TikTok/ @__georose

Thankfully Georgia's dad didn't get mad and the TikToker has managed to sell the extra tickets to family and friends.

Although, she resolved: "Honestly, if I could afford to spend $10,000 on Taylor Swift tickets and go every time, I probably would."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ @__georose/ Taylor Hill/TAS23/Getty Images

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