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Slice of pizza that was eaten by Drake is being sold for $500,000

Slice of pizza that was eaten by Drake is being sold for $500,000

Taylor Swift's fans now finally have some competition in the category of 'weirdest piece of celebrity memorabilia up for sale'.

Taylor Swift fans have made headlines recently for selling all sorts of absurd things after seeing her live.

But this. This really takes the cake.

Or, should we say, pizza slice.

Rapper Lil Yachty came up with a rather unique way to make himself a bit of coin off of his pal Drake.

The pizza in question.
Lil Yachty/Instagram.

The American rhyme-spitter has decided to sell a slice of pizza munched down on by none other than the 'Hotline Bling' star.

Now that's a unique way to make some cash.

Unless you're a Swiftie, anyway.

Yachty joined the Toronto rapper for a livestream for online betting agency Stake at the weekend and, in what started out as a joke, now seems to have turned into an actual thing.

The nautical-themed musical later posted a snap of the half-eaten pizza slice to his Instagram Story alongside the caption: "Selling this Drake-bit slice for $500k."

For reference, that equates to AUD$756,000 or £402,000.

Several people on social media scoffed at the idea.

Someone on Twitter asked: "Does it make you immortal when you eat it?"

A second chimed in with: "If someone buys it I’m quitting my job. Because WTF is money."

However, others admitted it is not outside of the scope of weird fans to buy such an item.

One Twitter user said alongside a crying emoji: "I know someone who would buy it."

Another added: "Which one of you weirdos [is] gonna buy this?"

A third chipped in with: "Someone send USD$500,000 please."

Anyway, that's not the only thing that made headlines out of the very same livestream.

He sent the social media gossip mill into overdrive after appearing on the livestream with yellow nail polish on one hand and a touch of blue on the left pinky finger of his other hand.

He is far from the first musician to adorn his nails with less-than-natural colors, with Tyler The Creator, A$AP Rocky, Kid Cudi, Lil Nas X, and even Machine Gun Kelly having already embraced the trend.

But that doesn't mean fans on social media didn't sing his praises for the fresh look anyway.

One Twitter user said: "Anyway. Did y'all see the color of Drake's nails last night? I'm not mad at the fellas exploring nail colors."

A second added: "Looks good. I would choose that color too."

Drake is setting tongues wagging, there's no doubt about that, all while breaking down the barriers of toxic masculinity in the process.

Oh, and he's also causing Swifties to lose their reigning title as the 'weirdest celebrity fan base'.

All in a day's work, eh, Drake?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Lil Yatchy.

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