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Shaggy says fans have misunderstood his song ‘It Wasn't Me' for decades

Shaggy says fans have misunderstood his song ‘It Wasn't Me' for decades

While it may be an all-time classic, 'It Wasn't Me' by Shaggy has a very different meaning to what we all originally thought.

Rapper Shaggy has revealed a common perception from his classic track 'It Wasn't Me' is, in fact, wrong after all these years.

Orville Richard Burrell C, who is better known as his stage name Shaggy, is a bit of a veteran in the rapping scene nowadays.

In his time, the 54-year-old has collected a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album in 1996 and 2019, while also picking up a Brit Award for Best International Male Solo Artist in 2002.

And while some of his classics come from the late 1990s and early 2000s with the likes of 'Boombastic' and 'Angel', Shaggy is hoping to gain even more fans with his latest tour.

The much-anticipated tour officially kicked off on Thursday (1 June), with Shaggy being joined by the likes of TLC, En Vogue and Sean Kingston on-stage this summer.

Shaggy is currently embarking on a new tour.
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Speaking about that, he told People: "Well, these are all people I personally have worked with before and know. Sean and me — that's my island boy. I've known him for years.

"It is really great to be on the bill with these wonderful ladies. I did Europe with En Vogue, I think on two occasions.

"As far as TLC is concerned, I've done like eight shows last year in America with them, and there was a massive turnout. I think Live Nation liked the idea of us and them together."

There is no questioning one of Shaggy's most iconic and recognised songs is the 2000 hit 'It Wasn't Me', which many fans believed to be about cheating.

YouTube/ Timeless Sounds

That is despite the fact Shaggy has been married to Rebecca Packer for close to ten years and share three daughters together.

The rapper was asked by People whether, as a result of the song, he finds many people assume he is a 'player'.

He responded: "It was a big misconception with that song because that song is not a cheating song. It's an anti-cheating song. It's just that nobody listened to the record to the end.

"There's a part in the record where it's a conversation between two people and you have one guy, which is me at that point, giving that bad advice, like, 'Yo, bro, how could you get caught? Just tell her, ‘It wasn't me', and then at the end, the guy says, 'I'm going to tell her that I'm sorry for the pain that I've caused.

"'I've been listening to your reasoning, it makes no sense at all. Going to tell her that I'm sorry for the pain that I've caused. You might think that you're a player, but you're completely lost'."

Shaggy concluded: "Nobody hears that part! That's what the song says."

Featured Image Credit: UPI / Alamy/ YouTube/ Timeless Sounds

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