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Taylor Swift's mom's reaction to her daughter at premiere goes viral as she didn't know she was being filmed
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@reagan.baylee

Taylor Swift's mom's reaction to her daughter at premiere goes viral as she didn't know she was being filmed

The reaction of Taylor Swift's mom as her daughter walked the red carpet is the best thing you'll see today.

There is no questioning Taylor Swift is one of the biggest stars on the planet, packing out huge arenas each and every week with her latest tour.

Swift's Eras Tour has been a roaring success, perhaps evident by the amount of money it is bringing in.

It is now being predicted that the tour will make a whopping $4.1 billion, which is in fact the most any artist has made from one tour in history.

Peter Cohan, an associate professor of management at Babson College, made the rather unbelievable estimate recently for The Washington Post, as Eras Tour looks to break many records.

In fact, Swift's earnings from the tour are set to be more than 42 nations' yearly economic output.

Despite all of them incredible records, Swift's mom, Andrea Swift, will never get tired of watching her daughter's success and seemingly hasn't gotten used to it even to this day.

Taylor Swift's reaction was certainly wholesome.

That is evident from a viral clip of Andrea watching her daughter on the red carpet, as filmed by Reagan Baylee, creator of the 'Swiftie School' podcast.

In then rather wholesome clip, Andrea, 65, can be seen behind a glass door beaming at her daughter at the Los Angeles premiere of the Eras Tour Film Concert on October 11.

Swift, in a blue cutout ball gown, seemingly impressed her mother as Andrea's mouth even falls open at one point.

"Her mama is watching her so proudly," Baylee captioned the Instagram video.

Many flocked to the comments section of the Instagram post to react to the heartwarming video.

"I mean how wild for her to look at her little baby daughter and see what she has created," one person penned in the comments.

Taylor Swift fans were loving the reaction.

While a second added: "I feel like Mama Swift will be your friend’s mom whose house smells amazing from fresh cookies she just baked for Tay and her friends that come over."

Baylee, who uploaded the video, has been speaking to Today as the clip goes viral across the web.

And it's fair to say she never expected the video to reach the heights it has.

"I’ve gone to several of shows over the years, and her mother is always there and recording with her iPhone as if Taylor hasn’t done this 100,000 times before," she told the publication.

"Maybe it’s because I’ve seen it so many times before. And Taylor’s dad is the exact same way — he’s so proud of her."

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