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Mystery song that everybody recognized but no one knew song name or artist has finally been identified

Mystery song that everybody recognized but no one knew song name or artist has finally been identified

Reddit users couldn't figure out what the mystery 80s song was until now, and it's come from an unlikely source

The name of a mystery song loads of people remember but can't place has finally been revealed.

There's nothing more frustrating than trying to remember the name of a song, humming part of its tune with all your might but your efforts falling on baffled ears. And it gets even worse when someone taunts, 'Well, if you can't remember it clearly wasn't that important then'.

However, thankfully, the internet has deemed it very important to track down the origin of a 17-second clip of a song which so many seem to recognise, multiple social media platforms having erupted in a bid to locate the tune.

The clip plays a muffled tune with lyrics that sound like they're sung by a man or group of men.

Alas, despite so many people recognizing the tune, no one could quite put their finger on who was behind it or what it was called - the search having been ongoing since 2021 when an internet user called Carl92 uploaded a clip of the tune to a site called WatZatSong and said he'd found it 'between a bunch of very old files in a DVD backup'.

Thankfully, Carl92's mystery has finally been cracked.

The song has left people stumped for ages. (Reddit)
The song has left people stumped for ages. (Reddit)

U/south_pole_ ball took to Reddit thread r/everyoneknowsthat to reveal they believe they've tracked down the song.

The user explained: "After following One-Truth's lead of Christopher Saint Booth. Christopher Booth created music for pornographic films. I went through each video and watched them, until I found Angels of Passion (1986). To which I got to 1:07:31 and I found EKT."

The user then included different versions of the song for comparison and their post follows off the back of another user called u/One-Truth-5867's post to the same thread.

The user explained u/south_pole_ball 'made the discovery with [them]' after they found 'a video on YouTube of a scene from an adult movie that had a song which sounded very similar to EKT'.

"I noticed in the description of the video that it said Christopher Saint Booth and Philip Adrian Booth. I realized 'HOLY SH*T' I remember these names!! They are in BMI and SOCAN with a registry for 'Ulterior Motives' 4.I skimmed over 12 hours last night through films and found similar sounding music, with claps, vocals, and even some duo singing artists," they added, explaining they then found it with the help of the other user.

And it's not taken long for people to flood to social media to weigh in on the revelation.

Redditor u/feralimpala said: "History made in the funniest way."

"Still in a state of shock that this is real," u/Ocayleb commented.

U/mikrofala2137 said: "That is the funniest way to find a lost song. Also op watched a lot of porn for this so respect."

And u/StrangeJedi resolved: "Never would have thought in a million years that this is how it would be found but I'm here for it lol."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ DrPixel/ Getty stock

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