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Lizzo praised for bringing young girl on stage after she said she gets bullied for dancing

Lizzo praised for bringing young girl on stage after she said she gets bullied for dancing

The pop star must be protected at all costs.

Lizzo is being praised for bringing an 11-year-old girl on stage at her concert in Sydney after revealing she gets bullied by people online.

The ‘Truth Hurts’ singer is currently on the Australian leg of her Special Tour and she's wasting no time in spreading love and positivity.

Monday night was no exception.

The singer spotted a young girl by the name of Monroe Mills holding up a sign that read, 'PLS HELP ME SHOW MY HATERS I'M 100% THAT B***H!', at Sydney's Qudos Bank Arena.

When the ‘Cuz I Love You’ singer spotted Monroe, she showered her with compliments before asking: “How do you need my help?”

To which the 11-year-old responded: “I get bullied on social media, and they always tell me I’m not good enough because I like to dance and sing and I want to be like you. I love you.”

Lizzo gestured to her security to help Monroe onto the stage.

After the young girl was lifted onto the platform, Lizzo gave her a sweet embrace before sharing some words of wisdom.

“The words that we say have a long-lasting effect on people, and Monroe, you’re talented, you’re beautiful, and you’re incredible, and you’re special. You can do anything, and you’re so young. You could be the greatest dancer in the world,” the singer said.

“You have so much time.”

Lizzo then asked Monroe if she had her phone because they needed to ‘talk’ to her haters.

The four-time Grammy Award winner then invited Monroe to dance as Lizzo filmed and the crowd chanted her name.

While holding up the camera, Lizzo yelled: “Don’t talk about my bestie Monroe no more. You’re gonna have to go through me. She’s a star, she’s a diva.”

She then turned to Monroe to give her one last hug before she told her: “I love you, ok?”

The singer has been hailed online for the heartfelt interaction, as one person wrote: “Lizzo is a treasure."

Another said: “Lizzo will never be bad in my eyes. She is a light in this dark world.”

A third commented: “Bro, I’m weeping. Big ol tears right now. I love Lizzo so much!”

While another shared: “THIS (amongst many other reasons) is why I’m always going to be in Lizzo’s corner.”

Monroe spoke to the Daily Mail following the concert, telling the outlet she couldn’t believe her hero spotted her in the crowd.

“People usually bully me when I sing on live [Instagram Live] and pick on me about my teeth and my singing and tell me to give up,” she added.

“Lizzo said to not let the haters get to me and that she loves me.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/shellywixted1990

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