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Joyner Lucas says Chris Brown is the 'closest thing we’ve got to Michael Jackson'

Joyner Lucas says Chris Brown is the 'closest thing we’ve got to Michael Jackson'

The rapper also wants celebrities to stop dissing Brown.

Joyner Lucas wants you to keep Chris Brown's name out of your goddamn mouth.

The American rapper is furious at the recent reports of Tinashe saying she didn't want to collaborate with Brown.

Not only that, but he made a bold statement of where he views Chris in music history.

But first, let's backtrack.

Lucas posted a video to his social media where he ripped into 'celebrities' who were trying to taint Brown's legacy.

It came after Tinashe revealed in a podcast about her regretful collaborations with Brown and R. Kelly.

Speaking on the Zach Sang Show, the 30-year-old said: “You think I wanted to [do those songs]?

“I literally block out that R. Kelly song from my mind—I forget that it even exists.

"That is so embarrassing. That is so unreal that I even have a song with R. Kelly."

In 2015, she was on Kelly's track 'Let's Be Real Now', and also had Brown on her song called 'Player'.

Tinashe added: "We all wanted ['Player'] to be this big moment — this big single.

"So I feel like in [record company RCA’s] mind, they were like ‘You need the support'.

"And [Brown] was like their biggest artist that they had on rhythmic radio at the time.

"I was like, ‘Well, this is a pop song, so I really don’t feel like we should put Chris on it like that. I don’t like that. That doesn’t compute to me'."

Well, Lucas did not take kindly to that comment and has told celebrities like Tinashe to stop dissing Breezy.

“Imma say this s**t one time and I’m not gonna say it again: there will be no f**king Chris Brown slander tolerated," he said.

“I’m talkin’ about you weirdo f**kin’ celebrity weirdos that go on these podcasts and start poppin’ s**t at my n***a for absolutely no f**kin’ reason.”

He also praised Brown for his talents.

“The closest thing we got to Michael Jackson. I don’t give a f**k about what you say about The Weekend. It is what it is," Lucas boldly said.

There have been a lot of comparisons to the King of Pop and fans would probably have a lot to say on whether they think Brown stacks up.

Chris Brown also didn't like what Tinashe said and asked social media users to name five of her songs in a bid to undermine her career.

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