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Drake slams his 'slow as f**k' security after fan managed to rush onto the stage
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/rids.raza

Drake slams his 'slow as f**k' security after fan managed to rush onto the stage

The bloke confronted the Canadian rapper in the middle of the concert.

If you've ever been to a concert before then you'll know that there is security all over the place.

They're dotted all around the stage to prevent diehard fans from getting close to their idol, they're backstage guarding dressing rooms and rehearsal areas, they're in the stands, they're outside...they're everywhere.

So it's pretty surprising that a concert goer managed to hop onto the stage so he could shake Drake's hand.

While the Canadian rapper is used to having bras and lingerie thrown at him, he certainly wasn't expecting a young man to greet him.

The bloke stuck out his hand hoping for a shake, however Drake pushed him away.

He then walked the man over to the side of the stage asking where his security was.

Lo and behold, a member of the security team climbed up the steps and yanked him away.

Drake said the staffer was 'slow as f**k' considering it was a humungous security breach.

It's lucky that the fan just wanted a handshake rather than something else.

But that's not the only odd thing that has happened to the legendary rapper during his It's All A Blur tour with fellow star 21 Savage.

Amongst the throngs of bras and other bits of underwear, Drake had to dodge someone throwing a book at his head.

Footage emerged from a recent concert of the moment Drake caught the flying book mid-air with expert precision with only one hand.

The dad-of-one appeared to be in between songs at the time and was talking to the crowd when it happened.

"You're lucky I'm quick," Drake told the fan before tossing the book to the side.

"I would've had to beat your a** if that hit me in the face."

Judging by the book's blue cover with write text on the front, it appeared to be a copy of Champagne Papi's very own poetry book, Titles Ruin Everything.

Why the fan assumed the Degrassi alum would need another copy of his own book is anyone's guess.

Plus, it's certainly not the type of thing you want to throw at an artist, even if it has a soft cover.

Bras and underwear certainly won't do much damage to a person if they're thrown on stage, however a book could cause some serious issues.

Imagine it hitting him in the eye and he ends up finishing the concert early as a result. No one wants that.

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