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'Diva' DJ Khaled slammed for getting carried by security guards just to protect his shoes at festival
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@djkhaled

'Diva' DJ Khaled slammed for getting carried by security guards just to protect his shoes at festival

Could there be more to the Instagram post than first meets the eye?

DJ Khaled has come under fire from some social media users for being carried by security at a festival.

The 'Wild Thoughts' DJ - real name Khaled Mohammed Khaled - took to the stage at the 2024 South Beach Wine and Food Festival in Miami, US which was held last week from February 22-25.

However, rather than simply walking on up onto the stage after arriving by car, the 48-year-old recorded himself calling over some security guards for a helping hand or two. Prepare for your eyebrows to raise in confusion:

In a video posted to his Instagram account, DJ Khaled can be seen getting out of the backseat of a snazzy car, however, just before his feet touch the sand, he notes: "I don't wanna get my Jordans dirty. Can I get anybody to help me? Please anybody help me."

And so the DJ then calls on over two security guards who take an arm each and scoop him up, before ferrying Khaled over to stand on the back of a truck and later also carrying him directly to the side of a stage.

Khaled says: "Thank you brothers. I appreciate it."

The DJ may've remembered his manners, but it hasn't taken long for viewers to flood to the post to weigh in on the clip.

The DJ has faced criticism online.
Instagram/ @djkhaled

An Instagram user wrote: "I have no respect you! This is ridiculous that a grown man would do this. Smdh! He talks so much about god and behaves like this over a pair of shoes. Ridiculous!"

"That’s the stupidest thing I have seen! Get off your f**king high horse," another added.

And the conversation also spilled onto X too, a user saying: "Khaled is what I imagine lazy and greedy kings in the middle ages were like lol."

"All that money and he worried about some sneakers? He can’t buy another pair?" another added.

However, if you take a closer look at Khaled's shoes or look at the rest of his social media, there could be a bit more of a point to him being carried by the members of security than him simply being overly precious about his shoes.

The sneakers are part of an unreleased collection.
Instagram/ @djkhaled

In the video Khaled is wearing unreleased Black solar J Balvin x Air Jordan Retro 3 'Rio' sneakers.

The sneakers were inspired by the singer's son, Rio, and in the comments of Khaled's video, Balvin himself notes: "Take care of them."

Yesterday (27 February), Khaled also shared photographs of some 'WE THE BEST' Nike Air sneakers - the DJ having first collaborated and released sneakers with the brand in 2022.

The 'DJ Khaled x Air Jordan 5 We The Best Purple' are currently a lot harder to find online and being sold for hundreds if not even thousands.

So, it would seem the video could be more of a publicity stunt to promote the sneakers opposed to DJ Khaled just not fancying walking his way to the stage that day. What do you think?

UNILAD has contacted DJ Khaled's representatives for comment.

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