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Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion release their new music video and it's wilder than 'WAP'

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion release their new music video and it's wilder than 'WAP'

Fans have gone nuts for the rapping duo's latest collaboration called 'Bongos'.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion left people well and truly shocked when they dropped 'WAP' back in 2020.

The song's lyrics were as sexually explicit as they come and the music video certainly sent some pulses racing.

But, just when you thought they couldn't outdo themselves, they most certainly have.

The rapping duo has dropped their new collaboration called 'Bongos' and the accompanying video is wild.

The lyrics were just as out there as 'WAP' including 'this p***y tight like a nun' and 'y'all hoes broke, p***y took more turn than a key hole'.

Safe to say, fans were blown away with it.


Another added: "This the vibeee."

A third wrote: "I think once we get a live performance it’ll hit even more."

It will be interesting to see whether the two will be invited to perform 'Bongos' at any upcoming awards show considering what happened last time.

The two copped a lot of criticism for their sexed up performance of 'WAP' at the 63rd Grammys.

The FCC said more than 1,000 people complained about the gig and many said it was 'pornographic' and 'obscene'.

Republicans and prominent right-leaning people ripped into them for their dance moves during the awards show, that's meant to be PG.

Two days after the ceremony, Cardi took to Twitter/X to express how she felt about the attacks.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

C“The Grammys are PG, that means parental guidance, meaning [it’s] your job – like it is to mine to my child – to monitor what they watch," she said.

"My performance was around 10 pm on a Sunday. Your child should be in bed ready for school the next day. Why are they up watching ‘WAP’?”

She also reflected on the moment this year in a message posted on Twitter/X.

"Y’all remember when the FCC almost sued me [because] I performed ‘WAP’ at the Grammys?" she asked.

"What about when all the Republicans literally harassed me over it? On the news every day...Y’all remember?

"Oooohhh [because] I do."

Well, we could be getting another round of the madness if Cardi and Megan perform 'Bongos'.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Cardi B.

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