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Concertgoer banned from Twitter after posting video of them singing during the mute challenge at Beyonce show

Concertgoer banned from Twitter after posting video of them singing during the mute challenge at Beyonce show

It's hard not to get too excited at a concert, but one music lover took it to a whole other level.

A Beyonce fan has been banned from Twitter, after sharing a video of her and a friend singing at a recent concert.

Whilst most artists would be elated by their fans singing along, this concertgoer interrupted the ‘mute challenge’ – which has been an important part of Queen B’s shows.

Understandably, the Beyhive are all abuzz over the social media over the fan’s bad behaviour. Take a look below:

If you weren’t able to get tickets to the Renaissance tour (lets face it, who did), you might not be familiar with the ‘mute challenge’.

Unlike other artists, Beyonce will sing her iconic track ‘Energy’ and then pause mid-performance when she gets to the line: “Look around everybody on mute.”

Concertgoers have to wait to sing the next line, as they battle with other venues to see who can remain silent the longest during the viral trend.

Obviously, they only keep quiet for a couple of seconds with fans eagerly then shouting: “Look around it's me and my crew.”

One member of the Beyhive didn’t get the message though and even recorded themselves, singing on despite the silence that surrounded them.

The fan filmed herself interrupting the viral trend.

In the background, you can even see another shocked concertgoer awkwardly reacting to the moment.

To make matters even worse, Honey Morgan then shared the clip-on social media with others also uploading footage of the young woman and friend.

Unsurprisingly, there was a major backlash from the Beyhive with the young woman being trolled and even stung with a Twitter ban.

Whilst it's unclear why she's been removed from the site, you can be suspended from Twitter for abusive behaviour or if you pose a security risk.

Sadly, she fits neither of these.

One fan was shocked by the concertgoer's bad behaviour.

Despite her being removed from the platform, the viral video is still being shared– gaining over 583,000 in recent days.

Beyonce’s fans have been swarming in the comments as they react to the clip.

One vexed fan wrote: “This is embarrassing. And probably loud enough for Bey to hear ( possibly) cause you could hear a pin drop.”

Another accused the woman of trying to promote her business, saying: “Exactly! She wanted to go viral on purpose. She’s teaching y’all marketing”

Others, however, were still in shock at the clip and speculated about the two friends’ relationship following the incident.

A third wrote: “The girl behind them witnessed a friendship crash and burn in spectacular fashion.”

It’s not the only controversial moment from Beyonce’s show though, with a London fan being trolled for selling the mega-star’s shades online.

Guess some fans just aren’t ready to face the music….

Featured Image Credit: @BuzzingPop/Twitter Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Parkwood/Gett

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