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Mega-fan pays off his college tuition after selling his Taylor Swift tickets for $14,000

Mega-fan pays off his college tuition after selling his Taylor Swift tickets for $14,000

Isaac said he couldn't resist the offer when he saw how much seats were being sold for online.

One lucky Taylor Swift who was able to secure Eras Tour tickets has now sold that ticket for $14,000.

Isaac Jarman posted a TikTok thanking the person who bought his ticket saying they 'literally paid for my college tuition'.

"I hope you enjoy the show so much," he said.

“I wish I could be there but also 14k is pretty nice too."

The seats were in the fourth row, which is pretty close to the action, however the move has divided people on TikTok.

One viewer said: “For 14k me and Taylor better be hanging out all day.”

Another added: “It’s not your fault that people are willing to spend that much.”

Some people thought selling the ticket for $14,000 was unfair.

“Turns out the scalpers we’ve been talking about this whole time were people our age,” read one of the comments.

A different user said: “It’s basically limiting [tickets] to people with an insane amount of disposable income."

However, Jarman was having none of the hate.

“There are so many people getting mad at me for selling my tickets,” said Jarman in a follow-up video.

“But I feel like if you had tickets and somebody offered you a stack of $14,000 to not go. Like you wouldn’t go.

“That’s so many hours of work equivalent to that.”

Jarman dubbed the $14,000 he made off the ticket, the ‘Taylor Swift Scholarship’.

While he was slightly disappointed he’d no longer have his fourth-row seats to the show, Jarman said he wasn’t too upset as he was already attending the Denver show up in the nose-bleeds.

“I didn't get tickets originally and I was depressed, and then I got tickets for Christmas and it was like the best thing ever," he explained.

“And then Ticketmaster reached out to me in February I think with a lottery.

“They were floor tickets, so close, best tickets ever and I was so excited to go.”

But hearing about people selling their tickets for a ridiculous amount of profit appealed to Jarman, especially considering he was still paying off his college tuition.

“I saw people selling them for $6,000 on StubHub and I was like there’s no way I can reconcile that in my mind and not sell them," he said.

“I was totally content going once and going in the back and ready to have the time of my life, so I didn't feel like that had to change.

“I still hope that one day I have the opportunity to go see Taylor Swift that close.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Isaac Jarman. Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

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