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Machine Gun Kelly 'Attacks' Paparazzi During Shocking Airport Footage

Machine Gun Kelly 'Attacks' Paparazzi During Shocking Airport Footage

MGK asked the man to put his phone away and give him his privacy, but the cameraman claimed it was a public space.

Footage has emerged of Machine Gun Kelly angrily responding to paparazzi at the airport.

In clips shared to Instagram, MGK — real name Colson Baker — can be seen in an airport with Megan Fox. In the first video, the man filming is standing in front of a security guard, who tells him, 'Please don't make me take that camera from you.' The man filming replies, 'I'll sue the hell out of you.'

Certainly in the UK, the editor's code of practice states that it's 'unacceptable to photograph individuals, without their consent, in public or private places where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy'.

On this occasion, MGK and the photographer disagree on whether he deserves any privacy.

The first clip, shared by @defnoodles, sees MGK walk up to the photographer and repeatedly telling him, 'Put the f*cking phone down you f*cking clown.' When the cameraman threatens to have the musician arrested, he replies, 'Have me arrested then, do something.'

He eventually walks away, branding the photographer a 'f*cking bitch'. The security guard then warns him they'll take further action, but the cameraman doesn't seem phased at all. 'I got beat up by Mike Tyson one night,' he claims, as he continues to film. MGK can be seen talking to his private security, while the guard asks, 'Just respect them.'

MGK then walks back over, saying how he just wants his privacy, but the cameraman says, 'It's public.'

In the second clip, MGK and Fox can be seen going up the escalator. 'You better watch that temper before you get sued,' the cameraman tells him, while MGK gives him the finger. 'You're gonna get sued one day man, it's not pretty... watch that temper, I've done it before,' he adds before they walk out of view.

The majority of commenters have expressed their support for the singer. 'I agree with this dude. I wouldn't want to be harassed either,' one wrote. 'MGK blows... but those hardcore papz blow more. I ain't mad at his response,' another wrote.

Others have criticised his response. 'Because the best way to get a pap to stop filming you in a public space is to come at him with an antagonising attitude and actually give him something to film, which, incidentally, is how the pap gets paid,' one wrote. 'People need to stop trying to be famous if they can't handle being famous,' another commented.

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Featured Image Credit: @defnoodles/Instagram

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