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Lil Wayne Has Brilliant Reaction To Being Reminded Of His Own Lyric

Lil Wayne Has Brilliant Reaction To Being Reminded Of His Own Lyric

You never would have thought he wrote the words himself

Lil Wayne responded quite brilliantly when an interviewer read him his own lyrics - almost as if he'd never heard them before.

You'd think having your own lyrics quoted at you in an interview might be somewhere between tiresome and painful for the rapper, but he lit up at the sound of his own bars.

To be fair, Weezy has been releasing music since he was just a kid back in the mid-90s, and he's been pretty prolific in that time.

As such, when the Grammy-winner was confronted with some of his most famous lyrics - from a remix of 'Lollipop' - he seemed to have no idea they were his words.

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The 39-year-old was being interviewed in the studio by Fox Sports presenter Darnell Smith last year for an episode of Players Day Off when the host shared the memorable lyrics: "Safe sex is great sex/Better wear a latex/'Cause you don't want that late text /That 'I think I'm late' text."

Responding to the bars, Wayne asked: "I said that?!"

He added: "I didn't know I said it or why I said it, but I said it."

To be fair to Lil Wayne - real name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. - he's released 13 studio albums, as well as collaborative work, EPs and mixtapes over his career, which spans more than two decades.

Indeed, he and Eminem have previously opened up about Googling their own lyrics, just to make sure they haven't used them before.

Speaking to Wayne on his Young Money Radio show back in 2020, the Real Slim Shady said: "When we first start out, it's just like a blank canvas. We paint on that s**t and keeping painting until every area is full.

"When you made so many songs about everything, it gets a little tricky... You start getting to the point where you've rapped about everything, you've rhymed every word there is to rhyme."

Wayne could relate with this predicament, and replied: "If you go through my phone history, my Google history and you press L, first thing that will come up is 'Lil Wayne lyrics'.

"I literally have to Google my lyrics to make sure I didn't say certain stuff before."

This songwriting habit struck a chord with Eminem - real name Marshall Mathers - who said: "Yo, I swear to god I do that too.

"That's funny as hell because I've been doing that for like the past five years, man. You be like, 'I knew I flipped this'."

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Featured Image Credit: The Players Company/YouTube

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