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Fans Think Stranger Things Viewers Are Missing Out On Kate Bush’s Best Song

Fans Think Stranger Things Viewers Are Missing Out On Kate Bush’s Best Song

'Running Up That Hill' rose up the charts after being featured on Stranger Things

Kate Bush fans are trying to draw attention to some of the singer's other tracks after 'Running Up That Hill' scaled the charts thanks to Stranger Things.

It's been two weeks since the fourth series of Stranger Things arrived on Netflix, but the epic song used to soundtrack Max's escape from Vecna is holding firm in the UK Top 10 and currently sits in the top three of the Billboard Global 200.

The sound of Bush 'running up that road, running up that hill' has been used on TikTok videos and Instagram posts, as well as receiving a wealth of comments from Twitter users proclaiming its brilliance.

Its worldwide popularity proves it is indeed an epic track, but those who have been fans of Bush for more than just the last two weeks are now urging people to explore the rest of her song collection.

One dedicated fan wrote: "A recommendation for anyone who just discovered Kate Bush via #StrangerThings: go get the album 'Running Up That Hill' is on (Hounds of Love) and listen to it, start to finish, in order, no skips, no distractions. Put your phone down and just listen."

Another urged listeners to take things a step further by diving in to Bush's whole discography, writing: "It pleases me to no end that the youth have discovered Kate Bush, for any reason.

"Now make sure you don’t just listen to Hounds Of Love, get into Never For Ever, The Dreaming, The Sensual World, get comfy."

Listening to every album is undoubtedly the best way to discover your favourite tracks, but a number of fans believe there's one track in particular that new fans should seek out.

In a post on TikTok, one fan shared a clip of Bush singing her song 'Wuthering Heights' and dubbed it the best of the best, writing: "'Running Up That Hill' is good but 'Wuthering Heights' >>> ."

Many other Bush fans were quick to agree, with one responding: "This song is so good words cannot explain how much I love it," while another commented, "To all the kids who are just discovering Kate Bush... Just wait until you hear 'Wuthering Heights'!"

'Wuthering Heights' is Kate Bush's only UK Number One single.

Released in 1978, 'Wuthering Heights' features on Bush's debut album The Kick Inside and became her most successful single as it held the number one spot on the UK Singles Chart for four weeks.

It's inspired by the 1847 novel by Emily Brontë of the same name.

Bush, then just 18, got the idea to write the song after catching the last 10 minutes of a 1967 BBC adaptation of the literary classic.

If you've not already, it's time to give it a listen. Extra points for anyone who can sing along in tune.

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Featured Image Credit: EMI/Netflix

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