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Harry Styles fans seriously divided over rumors he might headline Super Bowl 2024

Harry Styles fans seriously divided over rumors he might headline Super Bowl 2024

Harry Styles at the Super Bowl? Fans have been flabbergasted at the idea

There are rumors flying around that the headline act for the 2024 Super Bowl will be Harry Styles and his fans have been flabbergasted by the idea.

In terms of getting the largest number of eyeballs pointed in the direction of your performance, there's fewer stages bigger than the Super Bowl halftime show.

Millions of fans tune in to watch performances from some of the biggest stars in the world and be the first to catch trailers for whatever entertaining project is in the pipeline.

Also there's this thing called football which happens in between all of those things which is apparently pretty popular in some places.

Plenty of people tune in just for the halftime show and don't even bother to stick around for the game of football going on either side of it.

Rumors are swirling.
Matt Crossick / Alamy Stock Photo

Rumors are going around claiming that 'Harry Styles might be headlining Super Bowl 2024' and it's fair to say that the reaction from fans of Styles has been mixed.

Some are happy at the idea that he might have scored one of the biggest gigs in music, while others reckon it's really not his thing.

One fan said Harry Styles would be an 'incredible' headliner for the Super Bowl as his performance at Coachella had been 'fantastic'.

Someone else found the idea of football fans going to the Super Bowl and discovering that 'half the stadium shows up in boas and cute fits' exceptionally funny.

A third fan pointed out that if the rumors were true then 'grown men are gonna have to fight in the ticketmaster trenches against teenage girls & we all know who’ll win'.

Opinions are mixed.

However, others reckon he's just not the right choice for the gig, with one saying 'as a Harry stan I'm so opposed' and another declaring that 'you can NOT go from Rihanna to Harry Styles no way'.

Someone else said it'd have to be a secret smokescreen for a 'One Direction reunion' for them to get excited.

Then there were people who weren't fans of the singer saying 'nobody wants f**king Harry Styles bro', which I'm sure will come as news to the singer as people keep showing up to his performances.

One of Styles' fans said they 'just feel like he wouldn't do the Super Bowl' and 'his performances are always feeding off his fans and that won't happen at the Super Bowl', noting that tickets for the game go on sale before the headline act is announced.

Another Styles fan simply said: "Don't tell me I gotta watch football..."

UNILAD has contacted Harry Styles' representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Matt Crossick / PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

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