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Harry Styles pauses concert as eight people faint in terrifying surge to the stage

Harry Styles pauses concert as eight people faint in terrifying surge to the stage

The singer urged fans to move slowly back, with one person in the crowd claiming they 'almost died'

Harry Styles was forced to pause his show after eight people in the crowd fainted amid a surge.

The singer-songwriter was performing in the Coliseo Live stadium, in Bogotá, Colombia, yesterday (Sunday 27 November) when he halted proceedings in a bid to protect his fans.

Watch here:

Addressing the crowd, the 28-year-old said: "I am very excited to be here, and I know today is going to be an amazing show.

"But the most important thing is that everyone in here is safe, because there are a lot of people in here and it's warm.

"What we're gonna go, everyone on the floor, really, really slowly - starting from the back - we're gonna take a couple of steps back.

"Really slowly, really, really slowly."

Fans began queueing more than six hours before the show, and those at the front could be heard shouting to Styles: "We can't breathe. We are suffocating."

One fan in the 24,000 capacity venue wrote on Twitter: "I just have to say that I was in the Platinum section and I almost died.

"And this was when this poor man had to stop the concert because we were suffocating."

Styles told fans to step back as he tried to prevent people getting crushed.

The former One Direction star is currently on his 167-date 'Love on Tour' world tour, and while he may be looking out for the safety of his fans, some haven't returned the favour.

Performing in Los Angeles earlier this month, he was hit in the eye after what appeared to be Skittles were launched in his direction.

The fan who posted a clip of the incident on social media said it 'ruined' Styles' performance of 'Kiwi', while other fans were quick to condemn the Skittle-thrower.

One person said: "Stop throwing things on stage full stop. It's just not safe for anyone involved, you could hit Harry like in this video, you could hit one of the band members, you could hit an audience member, Harry could trip over it, it's not safe. Do not throw things."

Another wrote: "This could truly hurt him, damage his sight or anything else for that matter. Please don't."

While a third said: "Are you guys f**king stupid? In what world is that okay?"

The incident happened just days after Styles was forced to reschedule three November dates, moving them to January after falling ill.

In a post on Instagram shortly before he was due to perform on 5 November, he wrote: "Towards the end of the show on Wednesday, I started feeling ill, and I've been in bed with the flu ever since.

"I've been doing everything I can to be able to sing tonight, but I'm leaving the doctor now, and I'm devastated that it's just not possible.

"Until very recently I haven't had to postpone a show due to illness in the 12 years I've been touring. I'm so sorry to do it, and if there was anyway I could do the show I would."

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