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Singer goes viral after putting litter boxes in 'species-neutral' bathrooms on tour

Singer goes viral after putting litter boxes in 'species-neutral' bathrooms on tour

People weren't sure if the singer was joking

Gender neutral bathrooms aren't an entirely new concept, but 'species inclusive' is rarely seen.

And this is exactly what one singer has promoted this week.

The singer has gone viral on TikTok after revealing they would be putting litter boxes in restrooms while performing their tour across the US, for those who identify as animals instead of humans.

Posting on the video sharing platform, @dorianelectraofficial explained they would be adding the litter trays for fans who identify as animals and don't want to use standard toilets.

Dorian crossed out 'gender' and wrote 'species' instead.

In the video, Dorian takes a pen and crosses out a sign that reads 'all gender bathroom' instead changing it to 'all species bathroom'.

"You guys spoke and I listened," said Dorian. "I'm making all the bathrooms at my concerts not only gender neutral but species neutral.

"I will be providing litter boxes in the bathrooms for all animal-identifying concert-goers on my tour. Now that's inclusivity in action."

Dorian even added that they would be cleaning the litter trays themselves.

"As an independent artist it's really important for me to take accountability for all hygienic goings on on my tour so I will personally be involved in cleaning them," they said.

Most people think Dorian is just joking with the video, with the artist even creating a T-shirt with the message: “I used the litter box in the gender-neutral bathroom at the Dorian Electra concert.”

And when one person said they would be simply wearing a diaper to the concert, so not to miss a second, Dorian wrote: “Honestly, this is a really good idea. Let me know in the comments if I should be providing diapers for you guys.”

People were pretty divided on the video, however.

While some thought it was pretty funny, others weren't happy at all.

One person wrote: "People that identify as animals still don't use litter boxes please stop promoting this trash bc people don't do that."

People were divided over the video.

While another said: “You realize how this meme mocks and spreads misinformation about Therians, right?”

A therian is someone who identifies as a specific non-human animal.

Meanwhile, another person joked: "Not all animals use litter get a puppy pee pee pad in there."

Others said it would actually be mega useful for those with service animals.

One said: "Wait i feel like ur on to something for people with service animals."

And another added: "OK but generally if you could have a service dog relief area, that would help me so much. Very often I have to entirely leave a venue for my SD."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@dorianelectraofficial

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