Doja Cat says people criticising her new look clearly haven’t heard her song ‘MOOO! (B***h I’m A Cow)’

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Doja Cat says people criticising her new look clearly haven’t heard her song ‘MOOO! (B***h I’m A Cow)’

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Doja Cat has come out in defence of her new shaved look claiming people shouldn’t be shocked considering she made a whole song about being a cow.

The pop star debuted her new buzz-cut look on Instagram Live late last week, admitting that she felt she ‘was never supposed to have hair anyway’, and wasn’t a fan of having hair. 

Doja recounted instances where hair would get in the way of her everyday life, such as working out while wearing wigs.


Later in the livestream, the 26-year-old committed even further to the hairless look by whipping out the shaving cream and a razor to shave off her eyebrows. 

Her new appearance raised concerns by many fans who claimed she was ‘on drugs’ and ‘needed help’.

She again took to Instagram Live over the weekend to reject any concerns and admit she was ‘shocked’ that people were up in arms over the move.

She said the criticism was surprising considering she’s uploaded even more questionable content on the internet.

She said: “That stuff is so heavy. It’s a heavy thing.

“It’s kind of funny because I always was the person to be posting dumb s**t on the internet.

"For f***ing example, I made ‘MOOO!’, I have a song called ‘B***h I’m A Cow’ where I’m rapping about literally being a cow and I got famous off of that.

“So it’s just funny to me that people are in any way shocked, or taken aback by me being bald and having no eyebrows.”

She definitely has a point, a whole damn song where she embodies the apparent feeling of being a cow is a lot more wild than her new look.

The singer went on to explain that she understands might not be everyone’s idea of being ‘very sexual’, however, she didn’t care and personally loved her look. 

The ‘Woman’ singer then reassured her audience that she was fine and there was no cause for concern. 

She added: “The second that I get to feeling like I’m free and I feel cool, motherf***ers are like ‘you’re not okay,’ but I’m like chill… if you really have love for me and have concern for me I want you to know this isn’t a cry for help.”

Beyond her new hairstyle, Doja Cat fans have become concerned about her apparent negativity online and constant rants.

Responding to some of the criticism from her fans, Doja has clapped back with comments such as ‘shut the f**k up b***h you don’t know my life’, and ‘you’re being a cringe ass nerd please stop’. 

Old MacDonald wouldn’t stand for such profanity.

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