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Britney Spears Shares Her ‘Real’ Singing Voice Leaving Fans Shocked

Britney Spears Shares Her ‘Real’ Singing Voice Leaving Fans Shocked

Spears said she had tried to fight for an alternative version of her 1998 track

Fans have praised Britney Spears for sharing her ‘real’ singing voice for the first time, having posted a video of a ‘different version’ of her hit 1998 song ‘Baby One More Time’. 

Spears, 40, started singing the a cappella version while doing the laundry at home recently, and decided to share the footage with fans on Instagram.  

“This is me yesterday doing laundry and separating clothes,” she wrote. 

“I haven’t shared my voice in an extremely long time… maybe too long… and here’s me playing at my house with a different version of ‘Baby’… the WORD as in WORDS… Show me how you want it to be… tell me baby cause I need to know… give me a f**king sign… HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME!!!” 

In the clip, she can be seen filming herself in the mirror with her phone as she belts out a deeper, much more sombre version of the song. 

Spears continued to explain that she had tried to fight for an alternative version of the track, but had been unable to due to the various personal and professional constraints she was placed under. 

She said: “Well I have asked for what I wanted for 14 years… a different version of ‘Baby’ but have the producers actually work for me and put it together… a start… but as the TEAM said NO and serves me with 4 girls, my sister included, doing a 5 minute version of 4 remixed songs to a T not even having to give effort or dance… just shot it beautifully and the sound was NEW!!! 

“They ruined it for me, embarrassed me and made me feel like absolutely nothing!!! The truth is a f**king b***h!!!

"I share this because I am aware of my love and passion to sing… and my own family made a fool of me… I’m not going to be a victim!!! HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME???” 

Britney Spears in the video for 1998's 'Baby One More Time'.

According to Mark Hughes, author of Buzzmarketing: Get People To Talk About Your Stuff, Spears’ voice was once a lot lower than the one she’s known for. 

“When she first entered the recording studio for the Jive Records recording sessions, Britney Spears’s voice was much deeper than her highly recognizable trademark voice of today,” he said. 

"Her delivery sounded much like something from her earlier performances on Ed McMahon’s Star Search - lower, and less poppy."

It was producer Eric Foster White who worked with Spears to create the sound with which she rose to stardom.

Many people were delighted to hear Spears’ ‘real’ and ‘natural’ voice, with others begging her to release the lower, darker version of ‘Baby One More Time’. 

"So incredible to hear your REAL voice," one wrote. 

Another said: "I love your natural voice but I love more seeing you comfortable showing it to the world." 

Spears shared a video of her singing the song on Instagram.
Instagram/Britney Spears

A third added: "You show all them haters Brit. Take back your life and sing what you want. You sound amazing." 

A fourth commented: “Your deep natural voice is the best.” 

Another pleaded: “You need to record this version girl! We love hearing your voice!!!” 

But sadly, it sounds like a re-release of the single is out of the question. 

Spears added in her post: “You say go do it NOW after 14 years of asking and telling… I worked my a*s off then I was locked up in one place… It’s too late… Like I said, they ruined it for me️. 

“️Pssss I thought it was ‘ask and you shall receive’ but uhhhhh all I knew was ‘NO MA'AM, SORRY’!!!! They stood at my door and told me I can’t have my keys to my car and told me I couldn’t leave on my own... 

“’SORRY MA'AM… we have to follow the rules’!!! They made me feel like nothing… every single one of them!!! Like I said before… they took away my rights… my womanhood was ruined!!!” 

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Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Britney Spears

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