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Fan's enthusiasm at Billie Eilish concert sparks anger as she drowns out the singer

Fan's enthusiasm at Billie Eilish concert sparks anger as she drowns out the singer

The fan has been slammed for her concert etiquette

One fan's enthusiasm was clearly a little too much for some after sparking outrage for passionately singing over Billie Eilish.

Crowd footage of the blunder has since gone viral on social media and re-opened the debate about concert etiquette.

Even fellow celebrities have called out the fan's faux pas, claiming that her singing 'ruined' the show altogether. Check it out:

The footage in question was from one of the singer's concerts and originally posted to TikTok.

In the short video, the creator spliced together a compilation of clips of Billie singing to her adoring fans at her 'Happier Than Ever' world tour.

However, it's clear that an unwanted backing - or lead - singer joined the mix as she practically sang over the star for the entire night.

To make matters even more cringe-worthy, the video shows annoyed fans shooting daggers in the direction of the girl belting her heart out

The TikTok was captioned: "You're [sic] not the main character," accompanied with a rolling eyes emoji.

Over the video was the text: "To the person who thinks they can out sing Billie and ruined all my videos."

The TikTok went viral and raked in over three million views.

The clip went on to receive over 3.6 million views with thousands of comments from people eager to weigh in on the situation.

One TikTok user wrote: "Can’t stand people like that at concerts."

"You would think the glares would be enough to STOP," commented another.

A third chimed in with: "Nooo the girls turning around to look hahaha."

A fourth added: "She was tryna get a record contract," while a fifth joked: "Sis be having her own concert."

Opening up the debate about concert etiquette, others instead defended the songbird.

One wrote: "Ok like she’s kinda good. Concerts [are] for us to listen and scream and just let it all out."

And 'let it all out' she sure did.

"You would think the glares would be enough to STOP."

While the TikTok was initially uploaded last year, the footage is now seeing a renaissance and making its rounds on Twitter after famous YouTuber Tyler Oakley reposted the clip.

He uploaded the clip on Saturday (18 March) with the caption: "The way this would ruin my entire experience, unfortunately."

The tweet has since been viewed over 10.7 million times with an avalanche of people adding their verdict on the ordeal.

One Twitter user shot back at the YouTuber saying: "If you want to have spectacular audio, listen to the studio recordings, that's what they are for.

"Concerts are to live them, not to record them and show them on social media," she added.

"If you want to perform, sing in the shower."

Tyler took no time to offer his response, writing: "Concerts are to hear the artist sing live, not to hear some girl who thinks she’s the artist people came for."

"Like," he continued, "if you want to perform, sing in the shower."

He has since posted a series of follow-up tweets on the matter, with one reading: "Omg the discourse within this tweet… I didn't realize it would be such a polarizing litmus test of concert etiquette."

Where do you stand?

Featured Image Credit: TCD/Prod.DB/Alamy Stock Photo

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