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Beyoncé now ties Jay-Z’s record for the most Grammy nominations in history

Beyoncé now ties Jay-Z’s record for the most Grammy nominations in history

The Queen now officially sits next to the King.

Beyoncé has become the joint most Grammy-nominated artist in history.

The singer has received nine nominations for the 2023 awards ceremony and that has finally put her at the top of the list.

Who was sitting on top of that list, you ask? None other than her husband, Jay-Z.

Beyoncé's Renaissance has been nominated for Album of the Year, while the smash hit single 'Break My Soul' was recognised for Song of the Year and Record of the Year.

Beyoncé has also been nominated for for three other tracks in the R&B categories, one for her Oscar-nominated song 'Be Alive' and two in the dance category.

This takes Bey's total Grammy nominations across her glittering career to 88.

Jay-Z is also on 88 and he earned some nominations himself this year.

Shawn Carter copped five for the 2023 ceremony, including two for his work on Renaissance and three for his work on DJ Khaled's God Did.

Below the King and Queen for most nominations are Paul McCartney on 81, followed by Quincey Jones on 80 and Kanye West on 75.

Recording Academy president Harvey Mason Jr. told The Hollywood Reporter: "Seeing Beyoncé with that amount of nominations — it just blows me away. It’s a testament to who she is, the talent she has (and) the iconic music she’s put out over the years.

“To think about that power couple, holy mackerel.

“I added it up: It’s 176 nominations between the two of them.

"Can you imagine them sitting at the show together? If one of them wins, the other one’s going to be like, ‘I got to win. I got to get another one.’ It’s going to be fun to watch.”

Beyoncé could become the artist with the most amount of Grammy Awards when the ceremony kicks off early next year.

She's currently on 28 awards and will need a few to top the late conductor Georg Solti’s 31-win record.

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