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A$AP Rocky 'Proposes' To Rihanna In New Music Video

A$AP Rocky 'Proposes' To Rihanna In New Music Video

A$AP Rocky has released his latest music video which features a 'proposal' to pregnant girlfriend Rihanna.

A$AP Rocky has released his latest music video, which features a 'proposal' to pregnant girlfriend Rihanna. 

The rapper, real name Rakim Mayers, may have been arrested towards the end of April after flying into Los Angeles airport on his private jet, but that hasn't stopped him from releasing the official video from his latest tune, 'D.M.B'.

The music video not only features Rihanna, but the Umbrella singer adorned in a veil and a scene where she is 'proposed to' by Rocky.

Fans have since been speculating whether the proposal was actually real and if the couple are subsequently engaged.

The release and whole video is centred around Rocky's baby mum-to-be, with D.M.B standing for 'Das My B***h'.

He raps: "She got bank accounts, too/With big amounts, s**t you couldn’t count.

“Just pick the number that you couldn’t count to/Like an attitude, curve a n— when she didn’t have too/Around the lords like a British counsel."

In one scene, Rihanna is seen with a veil which Rocky lifts up, before a close-up shot of his mouth opening reveals a set of grills reading: "Marry me?"

A$AP Rocky's grills in his D.M.B music video read, 'Marry me'.

Rihanna opens her mouth to another set of grills reading: "I do."

The video concludes with a shot of the couple walking down the corridor, petals thrown over them and the final image is a photograph of them in their 'wedding' attire.

Does this mean the pair are engaged? Or even married? Fans have been left in a frenzy.

One viewer immediately joked about the speculation the grills would cause. "The “Marry Me” grills haha. All the sSssshh everybody talked boy. Epic congratulations. Wishing these two and their family they’ve started together the best. Let the speculators begin chatting like they know sum’n," they said.

Another seemed convinced the engagement or even marriage itself is real and so congratulated the couple. They wrote: "This made me cry, I'm so happy for them. I wish them the very best life has to offer."

A third commented: "ASAP we appreciate you for making our queen happy. Theses visuals are INSANE!!!"

Rihanna's grills read: "I do."

As well as appearing to propose to his girlfriend, Rocky also seemingly threw shade at one of Rihanna's exes within his lyrics.

He rapped: "I don’t beat my b***h, I need my b***h/Shе clean my crib, she feed my friends. Shе keep my secret, she keep my fridge packed, my freezer lit."

The lyrics appear to refer to Rihanna's past relationship with fellow musician Chris Brown who was arrested for domestic violence while dating her.

In the music video, RIhanna is shown waiting for A$AP Rocky when he is released on bail.

The release of the music video for 'D.M.B' follows Rocky having been arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. The rapper was released on bail for a hefty $550,000.

In the video, Rihanna is pictured waiting for her beau upon his release.

Neither Rihanna nor Rocky have yet to confirm or deny whether the proposal in the music video is real.

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Featured Image Credit: ASAPROCKYUPTOWN/YouTube

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