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You season four will see Joe Goldberg become the one who is stalked

You season four will see Joe Goldberg become the one who is stalked

The hunter is about to become the hunted.

Oh hello, You.

Joe Goldberg is back, and it looks like everyone's favourite Netflix nightcrawler is about to learn what it is like to be prey instead of the predator.

Penn Badgley's character is going by the name Professor Jonathan Moore in this latest season and he's hopped across the ditch to try out a new persona in the UK.

In the latest trailer, fans of the Netflix heavy hitter are introduced to the literature professor persona Joe has decided to take on.

He's working and living in London, and is quite surprised to find he enjoys teaching.

The trouble really begins when things start going awry with his social group, which is a gaggle of shallow, narcissistic, rich socialites.

Joe seems to have written them off as vacuous and vain, however he soon discovers London's wealthy elite are just as cunning and conniving as he can be.

Joe's plans to lay low and avoid getting noticed look set to go sideways when people start ending up dead, and this time it isn't Joe who's been doing the killing.

Or the stalking.

Yes, looks like he is about to learn it isn't so fun the other way around.

Instead, this mysterious killer seems to see right through Joe's disguise as he receives messages addressing him by his name from someone with their sights set on him.

Still clearly hung up on Marienne, he's out to prove she's wrong about him while trying to figure out who the mysterious 'eat-the-rich killer' might be.

Our protagonist/villain declares the mystery murderer must be 'hiding in plain sight', which is a bit of an inconvenience to Joe as he says all he wants is his 'little European holiday back'.

Fans on social media are already busy trying to guess the killer.

One user said: "This is definitely someone from his past."

A second added: "I need everyone to listen to my theory saying that Love Quinn is alive and getting revenge on Joe."

A third commented: "WE WANT LOVE!"

So, who is it? Only time will tell.

Some were intrigued at the trailer teasing the 'eat-the-rich killer' who seems to be putting on a show for Joe, with people wondering 'can I just not watch the other seasons but this one'.

The first five episodes of season four of You will be released on Netflix on February 9.

Part two will drop on the streaming service a month later on March 9.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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