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Viewers can't believe festival promoter's response to rape allegations on Netflix docuseries

Viewers can't believe festival promoter's response to rape allegations on Netflix docuseries

Netflix docuseries Trainwreck: Woodstock '99 has shocked viewers

Viewers are flabbergasted by a Woodstock '99 promoter's response to rape allegations on the Netflix docuseries.

Trainwreck: Woodstock '99 gives an insight into famed music event, which transcended into violence and arson.

There were also four reported cases rape and sexual assault.

A man named John Scher partnered up with Michael Lang, who was the co-founder of Woodstock.

His shocking comments made in the docuseries have outraged social media.

Speaking on the four reported sexual assaults, Scher said: "Woodstock was like a small city, you know?

"All things considered, I’d say that there would probably be as many or more rapes in any sized city of that… but it wasn’t anything that gained enough momentum so that it caused any on-site issues, other than, of course, the women it happened to."

Responding to the comments, one viewer said: "I think Michael Lang and John Scher's inability to take responsibility for the conditions during Woodstock 99 is a great example of how hippy boomers sold out their 'peace and love' to uninhibited capitalism.

"They really think they did nothing wrong it's baffling."

Netflix's documentary on Woodstock '99 is shocking viewers.

Another person added: "John Scher being a complete piece of tra$h and a rape apologist is consistent with his take on the HBO Max Woodstock 99 doc.

"How has he had a year to think about how dumb he sounded and somehow made it even worse? "

A third said: "Seriously, f**king f**k this f**king asshole for saying the rapes that occurred at Woodstock ‘99 weren’t 'enough' to warrant concern.

"John Scher, I hope you rot in the depths of overflowing burning portapotty hell forever."

A fourth wrote: "If anything tips off to you that John Scher is the real villain of Woodstock 99, it’s the ugly slutshaming John does when it comes to the molesting and rape."

Someone else echoed: "There’s a moment in Netflix’s documentary about Woodstock ’99 where one of the festival’s producers reasons that, with over 220k people, the number of rapes was lower than in a similar sized town, and Jesus f**king Christ, what a moron…"

John Scher has been criticised for comments made in the documentary.

The synopsis for the documentary reads: "Woodstock ‘99 was supposed to be a millennium-defining celebration of peace, love and great music.

"Instead, the festival degenerated into an epic trainwreck of fires, riots and destruction.

"Utilising rare insider footage and eyewitness interviews with an impressive list of festival staffers, performers and attendees, this docuseries goes behind the scenes to reveal the egos, greed and music that fuelled three days of utter chaos."

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