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Woman met Oscar Isaac in New York while he was on FaceTime with Pedro Pascal

Woman met Oscar Isaac in New York while he was on FaceTime with Pedro Pascal

The woman bumped into Oscar Isaac in the street, who was FaceTiming Pedro Pascal at the time

I think we've all got that one story on how we met a famous person when out and about and the circumstances behind it.

Some of us have that classic tale where we approach them, get a picture and have a nice chat as if they were just any other person, while others have a rather awkward account on how they went up to the famous face but couldn't get the words out.

The end result - the poor celeb standing there looking at you, wondering what to say next as they have no idea what you just uttered.

And while meeting just one celebrity at a single time is overwhelming enough, this woman ended up meeting two massive names at the same time.

Well, one of them was in-person at least, while the other was on FaceTime.

The two stars in question are pals Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal.

The woman met Oscar Isaac while he was on FaceTime with Pedro Pascal.

One surprised woman was venturing through New York when she bumped into Isaac - of course, you expect to see some famous faces roaming the streets of the Big Apple - but what she didn't expect to see was an another celeb on Isaac's phone.

In a photo, originally posted by the Instagram account @purple_princess_leia, the woman is seen posting for a selfie with Isaac while the Ex Machina actor held up his phone showing Pascal on FaceTime.

The woman was full of praise for the acting pair, and seemingly had a good chat with them both based off the caption she posted to Instagram.

She wrote: "The next morning when I won the lottery. Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal are gracious and such kind souls. Thank you both for this moment."

Due to the fact Isaac and Pascal were video calling each other, you'd think they are pretty good friends - and that is certainly the case.

Speaking to one celeb is overwhelming enough, but two?!

In an interview with Wired back in January, Pascal revealed the pair have been buddies for nearly two decades.

"I met him through a play we did together in 2005," he recalled.

"An Off Broadway show where we were getting $500 a week, before taxes."

Pascal went on to describe his colleague as 'naughty', saying that Isaac would try to get him to mess up some of his lines on set.

"He played a ghost, which meant that the living characters in the story could not see him," Pascal explained.

"I had to do my scenes, and he would physically be there, but because my character couldn't see him, he could f*** with me, all in front of live audiences, as much as he wanted, trying to get me to crack up or forget my lines.

"The memory is simultaneously dark and wonderful."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@purple_princess_leia

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