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The Marvels becomes the most disliked MCU trailer in YouTube history
Featured Image Credit: Marvel

The Marvels becomes the most disliked MCU trailer in YouTube history

The upcoming film has already had over 400,000 negative comments and reviews since it was uploaded.

The Marvels has earned itself a record that no film wants to have.

The trailer for the upcoming all-female superhero squad has become the latest victim of review-bombing and it's been absolutely savage.

For those unfamiliar with the term, review-bombing is an internet phenomenon where a TV show, film, or a product is negatively targeted en masse by trolls.

The trailer dropped earlier this week and it's quickly become the most disliked trailer from the Marvel Cinematic Universe on YouTube, according to We Got This Covered and GameRant.

After just two days, it has already amassed 409,000 dislikes on the site. The comments section was, naturally, an utter cesspit of medieval thinking.

One YouTuber riffed off of a Harry Potter book title to make a lame joke: "Captain Feminist and the Patriarchy’s Stone."

Another said: "What piece of crap."

A third added: "Marvel/Disney has gone off the deep end once again."

A fourth quipped: "It seems Disney is willing to decimate and destroy anything we remember about Marvel Comics just to push their narrative."

Yes, that's right, Marvel apparently has some agenda to... oh, depict women as equal members of society or something.

Queue the shock, horror, pearl clutching over equal pay, and women being allowed outside of the kitchen.

Let's compare The Marvels to Morbius, another superhero flick that had both fans and critics give it a big thumbs down across the board.


The film is widely considered to be Marvel's weakest offering, and review aggregators on Rotten Tomatoes said the movie is a certified stinker.

However, it only has 11,000 YouTube dislikes since its trailer was posted a year ago. Compare that to 409,000 in two days for The Marvels.

However, this is sadly nothing new in the world of entertainment.

Video game Hogwarts Legacy was critically bombed because it had a trans character.

Episodes with pro-LGBTIQ+ storylines in the first season of The Last of Us were also targeted.

The Little Mermaid was hit with a racist campaign as the lead actor in the remake is Black, and Marvel Studios have seen female-led TV shows, Ms Marvel and She-Hulk, targeted by misogynists.

And so it is no surprise that the new trailer for The Marvels fell victim to the very same people because it boasts an all-female lineup.

From left to right: Monica Rambeau, Brie Larson, Kamala Khan in The Marvels.

In The Marvels, Brie Larson returns as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, Teyonah Parris will play Monica Rambeau, and Iman Vellani portrays Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel.

Even though little girls will look at these boss women in a film like The Marvels and see a future in which they can grow up to be anything, infuriated men are doing everything they can to ruin that online.

Larson has copped it from sexist fans before, but she has refused to let that deter her from portraying female superhero characters.

"A huge part of why I wanted to play Captain Marvel was because of Ms. Marvel and what that meant," Larson said to Entertainment Weekly.

She went on to describe her co-star Vellani as being the future superhero little girls need - one that has brown skin and is Muslim.

"To see that character realized by such a brilliant human with so much potential is just a really exciting thing."

Go off, girl.

The Marvels will drop in cinemas on November 10. Go see it and don't let hate win.

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