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The Batman Gets New Terrifying Deleted Scene Featuring The Joker

The Batman Gets New Terrifying Deleted Scene Featuring The Joker

This is seriously creepy...

The director of The Batman has released a deleted scene, and it's creepy as all hell.

Matt Reeves shared the discarded scene online, showing Robert Pattinson's Batman meet the Joker for the first time.

Check it out:

While the DC film has been out in theatres since March 4, many fans have continued to ponder the various unanswered questions left by the film, one of the most notable surrounding Barry Keoghan's Joker.

In the final scenes, we see Paul Dano's Riddler locked up in Arkham Asylum alongside 'a friend', aka this universe's version of the Joker.

Many were left wondering how the Joker knew about Riddler's crimes while locked up himself, something this deleted scene sets to clarify.

The five-minute clip sees the Caped Crusader visiting the laughing nemesis in prison to see if he can help catch the riddle-speaking supervillain.

Their interaction, which has been compared to the moment Hannibal meets Clarice in The Silence of the Lambs, Batman gives a number of files on the Riddler to the Joker, who laughs while describing his counterpart as 'meticulous', adding: "He's been planning this his whole life."

Warner Bros.

The Joker continues to taunt Batman, saying the Riddler's a 'nobody who wants to be somebody', and that it's 'very very personal'.

The Dark Knight then asks why the villain might be writing to him, to which the Joker says, "Maybe he's a fan of yours or maybe he has a grudge against you too. Maybe you're the main course."

The Joker then quips, "You're afraid he makes you look soft," prompting Batman to get up and leave while calling Joker a time-waster.

It's a tense and sinister moment in the film, one that definitely caught the attention of the fans. Taking to the comments section, one wrote: "Matt said in an interview on Youtube that he took this scene out because he didn't want two interrogation scenes in Arkham Asylum and Joker would outshine Riddler's interrogation in the movie. I agree with him. This scene though is straight out of The Long Halloween."

Warner Bros.

Another wrote, "I know he’s been done a lot, but Joker for the sequel as the villain would be awesome especially if Barry reprises the role. He has the potential to be even scarier than Heath Ledge in my opinion. And if they make him look similar as this clip, even better."

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Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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