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Sylvester Stallone fans are convinced Demolition Man predicted the future

Sylvester Stallone fans are convinced Demolition Man predicted the future

It's been nearly 30 years since the film first hit cinemas but fans are now realising how eerily accurate Demolition Man was.

Nearly 30 years after the film first hit cinemas, fans have been rediscovering the futuristic action film, Demolition Man.

The sci-fi flick sees Sylvester Stallone star as a former criminal charged with hunting down Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes), as he exacts his bloody revenge on San Angeles.

Whilst some of the boxy tech may seem questionable by modern standards, there are more than a few eerie similarities.

For those that haven’t seen the 1993 classic, here is a brief synopsis of the star-studded sci-fi film (spoilers ahead - obviously).

In the year 2032, LA has become a utopia named San Angeles which has little to no crime.

Those that are convicted of violent offences are sent to the Cryo-prison, where they are frozen in suspended animation as punishment.

Having been held since 1996, villainous crime lord Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes) escapes and exacts his bloody revenge on the unsuspecting citizens of the once-peaceful metropolis.

Desperate to stop him, they unthaw former criminal John Spartan (Stallone), hoping that the disgraced LAPD agent, also nicknamed The Demolition Man, will help.

Alongside rookie police officer Lenina (Sandra Bullock), Spartan sets out to apprehend Phoenix and discovers a horrific secret about the city along the way.

Though the film was made nearly 30 years ago though, fans of the forgotten flick are now arguing that the movie predicted the future.

The film seemingly shows an iPad almost twenty years before it was released.
Warner Brothers

Some of the resemblances are uncanny, with the residents of San Angeles being banned from all forms of physical contact - due to a new disease spreading across the city.

In fact, things have become so bad that members of the police department resort to high fives rather than handshakes.

It’s an eerie parallel to the COVID-19 pandemic, when people would regularly bump elbows, for fear of contracting the virus.

This isn’t the only strange similarity to the recent outbreak, with toilet paper being non-existent in the near future.

Stallone character even points this out, as he amusingly tells Lenina: “Loo, I don't know if you guys know it but you're out of toilet paper.”

To which she explains to her colleague: “They used handfuls of wadded paper back in the 20th.”

Whilst it’s unclear what they use instead, there are other predictions in the film which have seemingly come true.

There are also self-driving cars in the futuristic film.
Warner Brothers

These include video calls and a device similar to iPad, neither of which would be invented until the early 21st century.

Elon Musk must have taken note too, as there are self-driving cars, which are shockingly similar to a Tesla.

The 1993 movie has had fans going wild on social media, with one tweeting: “Demolition Man. Bonus - most unexpectedly accurate portrayal of the future.”

Maybe watch the above trailer and decide for yourself just how accurate the film is.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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