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Fans concerned Stranger Things' final season could be delayed or seriously affected by writers' strike
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Fans concerned Stranger Things' final season could be delayed or seriously affected by writers' strike

Thousands of US screenwriters are staging a mass walk-out

There are concerns the final season of Stranger Things could be delayed – or at least affected – by the writers’ strike.

Thousands of US screenwriters are staging a mass walk-out, after major studios failed to come to an agreement over pay with the Writers Guild of America.

Being the first strike of its kind in 15 years, many people are naturally eager to see how the strike action might affect some of their favourite shows.

The last time we saw such widespread industrial action from TV and film’s top writers was in 2007, running for 100 days before reaching an agreement.

Many huge titles were delayed or postponed due to the strike, including Saturday Night Live, 24 and Entourage. Others even ran with shortened seasons, such as Breaking Bad, 30 Rock, The Big Bang Theory and Lost.

While we don’t know what exactly will be impacted this time round, once again we can expect to see writers behind some of your favourite shows on the picket lines – with the trade association representing writers for Netflix, Disney, Warner Bros, Discovery and other platforms.

Breaking Bad was affected last time there was a writers strike.

According to the Los Angeles Times, this could include Stranger Things, which is due to bow out with a fifth and final season.

Writing on the forthcoming series began last August, but the outlet said Netflix would not comment on whether the scripts have been completed.

Many of the show’s fans have admitted they feel anxious for the future of the show, with one tweeting: “Man, I really hope the writers strike doesn't affect Stranger Things. I don't want anything to delay season 5 any longer than it has to.”

Someone else said: “Just sitting here hoping the Duffer Brothers completed the last season of #StrangerThings . I support the writers strike but feel bad if this will cause schedule conflicts once everything gets rolling again.”

Others pointed out that threatening the outcome of some of the most beloved TV series was precisely the point.

One said: "Look, I love reality TV and all, but I also love Yellowjackets, Cobra Kai, Stranger Things, The Bear, Andor, The White Lotus, etc. etc. These shows (and so, so many more) are nothing without their writers. PAY WRITERS WHAT THEY'RE WORTH YA FILTHY ANIMALS. #writersstrike."

Stranger Things is due to bow out with a fifth and final season - but when?

Someone else agreed: "Yes, Stranger Things might be delayed due to the #writersstrike but the important thing here is not the production of the show, but the people who work endless nights to create it. I'm in full support of this and you should be too!

we love u @strangerwriters."

Of course, while the process of crafting the final season of Stranger Things began several months ago, big titles often involve several stages of rewrites – and, according to the WGA's strike rules, writers are not able to complete any writing or rewriting during the strike.

What's more, it doesn't sound like filming has even begun yet, as actor David Harbour previously said production was due to start in June this year.

During a recent Middle East Film and Comic Con event in Abu Dhabi, he explained: "We're walking into season five. I've got a couple more months to train," he said.

"We start shooting that in June, though, and that will be the final season."

UNILAD has reached out to Netflix for comment.

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